Friday, December 13, 2019

Dead Show/podcast for 12/13/19

Lucky us! We get to listen to this wonderful second set from December 1, 1979 at the Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh PA on this week's Deadpod.
This is a fine recording and the music is quite good, even thrilling at times. The China>Rider opener is just right, then pay attention to the fine opening to 'Looks Like Rain'.. quite unique. 'He's Gone' is done quite well alos, and leads into a wonderful jam that is clearly the highlight of this show.. including a 'Gloria' refrain'.. but just let yourself be carried by Garcia's shaping of the musical atmosphere here.. Listen to how worked up Bobby gets in the (first ever) CC Rider..
The rest of the set is more standard, but still a pleasure to hear, including a very fine 'Black Peter'. 

Grateful Dead
Stanley Theatre
Pittsburgh, PA 12/1/79 - Saturday


China Cat Sunflower [5:21] >
I Know You Rider [7:18] ;
Looks Like Rain [7:37] ;
He's Gone (1) [23:33] >
C C Rider [6:58] >
Space [6:#52] >
Drums [10:26] >
Not Fade Away [8:51] >
Black Peter [11:14] >
Sugar Magnolia [8:21]
One More Saturday Night [4:51]
Comments     (1) includes a Gloria Jam

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Friday, December 06, 2019

Dead Show/podcast for 12/6/19

Here's a show that I attended and found to be quite magical at the time.. it is from December 1st, 1979 at the Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh PA. A beautiful, small venue, the energy on this night was unmatched and I'm sure it comes through on this nice recording.
The show starts with a smoking 'Jack Straw', which Jerry then takes into a long and beautiful 'Sugaree'. After this we know we're in for an evening of great jamming, and the boys don't let us down. 'Uncle>Big River', is even full of life, and 'Loser' always a favorite of mine, is perfect.
Brent, still new on keyboards, sings a nice 'Easy to Love You'. Bobby's slide work in the 'Minglewood' that follows, could be better but a great 'Althea' saves the day and the band ends this first set with a wonderful 'Music Never Stopped'.. We'll hear set 2 next week...

Grateful Dead
Stanley Theatre
Pittsburgh, PA
12/1/79 - Saturday
Jack Straw [5:36] >
Sugaree [16:52] ;
Me And My Uncle [2:53] >
Big River [6:18] ;
Loser [7:21] ;
Easy To Love You [3:43] ;
New Minglewood Blues [7:21] ;
Althea [11:33] ;
The Music Never Stopped [8:44]

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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Dead Show/podcast for 11/28/19

Happy Thanksgiving!

As always we present an acoustic performance from the Dead for your Thanksgiving listening and relaxing pleasure. This one is from June 4, 1970 at the Fillmore West in San Francisco California. A fine recording, with a minimum of flaws, I hope you enjoy this as I wish for you a peaceful and happy holiday.

Grateful Dead
Fillmore West
San Francisco, CA 6/4/70 - Thursday    

Monkey & The Engineer (NOT on this recording)
Deep Elem Blues 
Silver Threads And Golden Needle 
Friend Of The Devil 
Black Peter 
Cumberland Blues 
Wake Up Little Susie 
Swing Low Sweet Chariot 
Uncle John's Band

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Friday, November 22, 2019

Dead Show/podcast for 11/22/19

Hey Now! Here's a great second set for your pre-Thanksgiving preparations.. from 11/2/84 at the Berkeley Community Theater, this was probably the highlight of the run, as the band turns in a solid performance highlighted by some great Garcia licks, some amazing Phil sounds and some excellent work from Bobby and Brent.
The 'Help>Slip>Frank' is as always, a great opener, and the band revs it up during the jam in Slipknot! Bobby does a fine 'Sailor>Saint' here, and Brent adds a great deal of depth to Bobby's finale during 'Sailor'. Listen as well to Phil during that Saint for an example of his unmatched abilities. They move into a strong 'Wharf Rat' in the pre-drums slot then break out 'Gimme Some Lovin' for the fist time. They finish the Playin' in the Band they started on 10/28, then finish with strong versions of 'Bertha>Good Lovin'. They return for the last 'Casey Jones' until 1992..

Grateful Dead
Berkeley Community Theater
Berkeley, CA 11/2/84 - Friday
Help On The Way [3:07]>
Slipknot! [7:30}>
Franklin's Tower [11:43] ;
Lost Sailor [7:00]>
Saint Of Circumstance [6:43] ;
Wharf Rat [11:01]>
Space [0:29]>
Gimme Some Lovin' [5:17]>
Space [10:41]>
Playing In the Band Reprise [7:45]>
Bertha [6:37]>
Good Lovin' [7:52]
Casey Jones [5:19]

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Friday, November 15, 2019

Dead Show/podcast for 11/15/19

This week I chose to bring you an unusual show from November 2, 1984 at the Berkeley Community Theater. This was the 4th show of a 5 show run at this small venue, close to home for the band and their fans and it has an intimate feel to it. The band is quite loose, too loose sometimes (listen to Bobby completely lose the lyrics to El Paso) but also interested in mixing things up as you can see from the setlist. A strong 'Jack Straw' starts things up.  While Jerry's voice is not at its best this night a wonderful 'Peggy O ' follows then the aforesaid 'El Paso', saved as it were by a great Garcia solo. Jerry perhaps sticks it to Bobby a bit with the 'Loser' that follows, but that goes into what is probably the highlight of the set a nice 'Smokestack Lightning>Spoonful' combination. The set ends, quite early, with 'Iko, Iko' with a very unusual opening..
We'll hear a solid set 2 from this show next week..

Grateful Dead
Berkeley Community Theatre
Berkeley, CA
11/2/84 - Friday
Jack Straw [6:29] >
Peggy-O [7:06] ;
El Paso [6:09] ;
Loser [6:55] >
Smokestack Lightnin' [6:16] >
Spoonful [4:23] ;
Iko Iko [8:23]

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Friday, November 08, 2019

Dead Show/podcast for 11/8/19

'I want to tell you how it's gonna be.....'
and let me tell you this second set from November 24, 1972 in Dallas Texas is one rockin' hour + of fine Grateful Dead music. Unlike most of their four other Texas shows during this leg of the fall '72 tour there is no 'Dark Star' or 'Other One' here.. and this second set is notable for being fairly straight-ahead rock and roll. The show really gets moving with a fantastic 'Truckin' .. Jerrry really takes off here, Sugar Magnolia is no slouch either but the uniqueness of this one comes in the fine 'Not Fade Away>Going' Down the Road>Not Fade Away'. Despite Jerry breaking a string, I'm certain you'll enjoy the unique take on this combo here. Not for the faint of heart ;)

Grateful Dead
Dallas Memorial Auditorium
Dallas, TX 11/24/72 - Friday
China Cat Sunflower [5:#25] >
I Know You Rider [4:42] ;
Box Of Rain [4:40] ;
Truckin' [12:24]  ;
Ramble On Rose [6:02] ;
Big River [4:13] ;
Casey Jones [6:16] ;
Sugar Magnolia [8:32] ;
Not Fade Away [8:58] >
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [7:31] >
Not Fade Away [5:13]

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