Friday, November 16, 2018

Dead Show/podcast for 11/16/18

As we roll into Thanksgiving week, here is an outstanding first set from a great tour that took place during the Fall of 1971. This is from November 14th, 1971 at Fort Worth Texas.
Part of this show was released as a (now out of print) Road Trips, but the entire show is a treasure and features a young band full of energy and fire. They open with a fine 'Bertha' with Keith's piano leading the way.. they follow with a 25-beat 'Beat It On Down the Line', but Billy stops at 24 so they reset with Garcia calling for '3' crackles. 'China Cat' follows with some wonderful soaring Garcia leads. the train starts rollin' in the fine transition into 'I Know You Rider' and I can just imagine the dancing! Don't overlook the fine 'El Paso' that follows, it has some beautiful Garcia throughout.. I won't try and describe each of these standards - some were new at the time others not, but this is a great recording of a period when the band was transitioning from its earlier more 'primal' sound to a bit slower tempo, '72 pace.

Grateful Dead
Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, TX
11/14/71 - Sunday
Bertha [5:54]
Beat It On Down The Line [3:00]
China Cat Sunflower [5:24] >
I Know You Rider [5:18]
El Paso [4:34] >
Sugaree [6:27]
Jack Straw [4:52]
Big Railroad Blues [3:20]
Me And Bobby McGee [5:31]
Loser [6:24]
Playing In The Band [5:59]
Tennessee Jed [6:47]
You Win Again [2:17]
Mexicali Blues [3:18]
Casey Jones [5:25]
One More Saturday Night [4:30]

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Friday, November 09, 2018

Dead Show/podcast for 11/9/18

A quite unique but delightful second set from November 1st, 1977 is on the docket for this week's Deadpod. A wonderful Terrapin opens it up, a great song from a great year. A quick transition into an excellent 'Estimated Prophet', with some really nice work from Keith and Garcia here, especially before the transition into 'The Other One', which has an interesting intro as well.
This 'Other One' has a wonderfully explosive yet controlled pace . After a fairly short 'drums' we have a beautiful intro to the 'Wharf Rat', probably my highlight of this set. The jam at the end just before they go into 'Truckin'  is transcendent :) While there is an unfortunate cut in this version of 'Truckin' its still quite interesting with a slightly different feel than usual to it. The crescendo towards the end is great, and is followed by an interesting transition into  the set-closing 'Around and Around'. 

Grateful Dead
Cobo Arena
Detroit, MI 11/1/77 - Tuesday

Terrapin Station [10:24] >
Estimated Prophet [10:36] >
The Other One [5:33] >
Drums [4:22] >
Wharf Rat [12:10] >
Truckin' [8:#07] >
Around And Around [7:45]
U.S. Blues [5:20]

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Friday, November 02, 2018

Dead Show/podcast for 11/2/18

1977 was a year in Grateful Dead history that offered many more highlights than just those famous shows in May.. this week's Deadpod is a case in point. This performance took place 41 years ago at Cobo Hall in Detroit Michigan. The band come smokin' out of the gate with a wonderful version of 'Might As Well'. They follow with very energetic performances of some of their classic numbers. Highlights from this first set include Tennessee Jed, Passenger and an amazing 'Music Never Stopped'.
We will hear the second set next week which is even stronger..

Grateful Dead
Cobo Arena
Detroit, MI 11/1/77 - Tuesda


Might As Well [5:28] ;
Jack Straw [5:33] ;
Tennessee Jed [9:15] ;
El Paso [4:25] ;
Friend Of The Devil [#7:11] ;
Looks Like Rain [8:38] ;
Dire Wolf [3:39] ;
Passenger [3:45] ;
Peggy-O [7:41] ;
The Music Never Stopped [7:21]

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'this darkness got to give'....

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Dead Show/podcast for 10/26/18

This week's Deadpod contains a great recording of a 'partial' second set from the band's visit to Bloomington Minnesota on October 23rd, 1973. This recording starts with an excellent version of  'Truckin', punctuated with some unusual organ effects from Keith, going into an amazing crescendo, then into a nice bluesy 'Nobody's Fault' jam... the 'throwback' organ is reminiscent of earlier, primal versions of the band.  It's so easy to lose oneself in the arabesque jam leading up to Phil's familiar entrance to the 'Other One'. After it dissolves into Drums, a wonderful jam leads into the 'Weather Report Suite', delicate and beautiful, perhaps my highlight of the set. The band closes with the classic 'Sugar Magnolia.

As for the encores:
"The band stops playing Casey Jones at 2:03 into the song as a fight breaks out in front of the stage. Phil is notably outraged at what is happening and the disturbance goes on for at least another two and a half minutes at which point the band plays One More Saturday Night.
For this reason, it is highly unlikely that either song is an "Encore"

The soundcheck - is much debated.. identified as Keith trying to get the hall's Wurlitzer organ to cooperate for the show, its an interesting bluesy jam.. 

Grateful Dead
October 23, 1973
Metropolitan Sports Center
Bloomington, MN

--Set 2--
Truckin' ->
Nobody's Fault But Mine Jam >
The Other One >
Drums >
Jam >
Weather Report Suite
Sugar Magnolia

Casey Jones
One More Saturday Night

Wang Dang Doodle

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Dead Show/podcast for 10/19/18

While this tape may not be complete, and it does take a bit to for the crew to dial the sound in completely, I decided to bring you this gem from the fall of 1973. This took place on October 23rd in Bloomington MN. From the lists I've seen what I have is probably not the complete show and may not be in the correct order. What is certain is that there is some very fine music here that I hope you enjoy! We will hear set 2 next week..

Grateful Dead  
October 23, 1973
Metropolitan Sports Center 
Bloomington, MN

-Set 1--

The Promised Land
Black Throated Wind
Loose Lucy
Mexicali Blues
China Cat Sunflower ->
I Know You Rider
Beat It on Down the Line
Brown Eyed Women
Me & Bobby McGee
Row Jimmy
Jack Straw
Ramble on Rose
Big River

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Dead Show/podcast for 10/12/18

This week we return to the Grateful Dead's first visit to the Frost Amphitheater on the campus of Stanford University in Palo Alto California on October 10th, 1982. This second set starts with a very unusual 'Throwin' Stones'>'Touch of Gray' opener; both songs are relatively new and contain some different lyrics which makes them even more interesting. 'Estimated' into 'Eyes of the World' follows, and I think  you can really hear the color that Brent has brought into the band on this Eyes, its is very nice indeed. Post-Drums we have the 'Truckin'>Other One>Morning Dew' with that Dew being charged with emotion and clearly the highlight of the show for me.

Grateful Dead
Frost Amphitheatre - Stanford University
Palo Alto, CA
10/9/82 - Saturday
Throwing Stones [6:57]>
Touch Of Grey [6:07] ;
Estimated Prophet [11:34] >
Eyes Of The World [10:03] >
Drums [7:45] >
Space [6:56] >
Truckin' [6:54] >
The Other One [8:22] >
Morning Dew [9:44] >
One More Saturday Night [4:43]
U.S. Blues [5:04]

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