Friday, October 02, 2015

Dead Show/podcast for 10/2/15

This week's Deadpod takes us back to the second set of the Grateful Dead's performance at Madison Square Garden on Thursday September 20th, 1990. Not only is the crowd fired up by a great first set, but it quickly apparent that the boys are not about to phone in this set, as it turns into one of the strongest performances of the 90s. They come out of the gate with a strong rockin' Truckin'.. then move into a wonderful China Cat->I Know You Rider.. while Garcia's voice my be a bit scruffy, his leads are bright and glistening.. and when he leads the boys into Rider and wants to be that headlight he practically brings down the house. I may wish that Vince was a little lower, and Bruce a little higher in the mix.. but that doesn't for me detract from the joy of this one.. a bouncy and fun Man Smart, Woman Smarter leads us into.. a nice extended Drums->Space.. a perfectly played sequeway into one of the best, and longest, Dark Stars of the modern Dead era. This is a real treat, and clearly the highlight of the set, if not the run. I love Jerry's interplay with Hornsby here.. It takes us six minutes before that Star crashes... and Jerry's voice  has the perfect dream like quality here.. we all want to go to that transitive nightfall .. we follow as Jerry takes us to a Playin' reprise.. but lucky for us they do not escape the pull of that Dark Star.. and we are led back.. and after the second verse to weird and special places.. entirely fitting for a dark fall evening.... the band then finishes the set with a fine Throwin' Stones and a fun Touch of Grey.. after all that they could have been excused if they did a throw away encore but on this night that wasn't to be.. they end with a rockin' Lovelight.. what a great evening it must have been to be there!

Grateful Dead
Madison Square Garden New York , NY 9/20/90 - Thursday

Truckin' >
China Cat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider >
Man Smart, Woman Smarter >
Drums >
Space >
Dark Star >
Playing Reprise >
Dark Star >
Throwing Stones >
Touch Of Grey
Encore Turn On Your Love Light

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Dead Show/podcast for 9/25/15

Generally considered the strongest show of one of the strongest runs in the band's Post-Brent Mydland career, this week's Deadpod pays homage to the band's performance on September 20th, 1990 at Madison Square Garden in New  York City, NY. I clearly remember how excited and happy I was when I first heard of, then finally got to listen to, this run of shows. There was much uncertainty about how the band would hold up after the passing of Mydland, but this run of shows showed that they were truly 'built to last'. The addition of Bruce Hornsby to the lineup provided a welcome surge of energy to Garcia, who, despite a voice that was sometimes a bit raspy, turned in an epic performance. This first set which we'll hear this week, shows a confident and rocking lineup. I'm especially fond of 'Ramble On Rose' and the 'Greatest Story Ever Told' 'US Blues' ending. Next week's second set features some GREAT jamming. I hope you enjoy it! 

Grateful Dead
Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY (9/20/90)
Set one: 

Feel Like a Stranger
It's All Over Now
Ramble on Rose
El Paso
Brown Eyed Women
Greatest Story Ever Told
U.S. Blues

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Dead Show/podcast for 9/18/15

This week we return to the Berkley Community Theater for the second set of the band's performance back on August 14th, 1971. The tape cuts into Truckin' in progress,  luckily however the excellent jam that ends the song is preserved.. from there we go into an early set Drums, and then, suddenly if not unexpectedly, the bombs drop signalling a truly great Other One to follow. Phil really shines on this one, and it leads to a truly psychedelic jam following the first verses. There are some great themes here... see what you can identify! The band flows back into the Other One which really was a signature jam in these days. Following a lengthy tune up Bobby goes into a nice version of 'Me & Bobby McGee'.. The Sugar Magnolia that follows really pops.. they really get cooking here, eventually the move  into a smoldering 'Not Fade Away'-> 'Goin' Down The Road'->'Not Fade Away'.. The boys eventually return for an excellent double encore of  'Johnny B Goode' and 'Uncle John's Band'.... I think this one surely stands out as one of the best shows of a most excellent year.

Berkeley Community Theatre
Berkeley, CA 8/14/71 - Saturday

Truckin' [3:#56] >
Drums [3:35] >
The Other One (1) [16:40] ;
Me And Bobby McGee [5:39] ;
Sugar Magnolia (2) [5:45] ;
Not Fade Away [5:27] >
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [10:47] >
Not Fade Away [3:14]
Johnny B. Goode [3:30] ;
Uncle John's Band [6:06]
Comments Happy Birthday for David Crosby before Johnny B. Goode.

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I also have a CONTEST of sorts to announce!

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THE BEST OF THE GRATEFUL DEAD’s 32 tracks feature music from every Grateful Dead studio album and cover the key waypoints on the band’s mystical musical journey. Arranged chronologically, the tracks reflect the evolution of the group’s sound – and its membership – across more than two decades – from 1967’s “The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)” to 1989’s “Standing on the Moon.” In between, listeners will find the essential tracks that made the band such a cultural phenomenon, including such fan favorites as “St. Stephen,” “Casey Jones,” “Sugar Magnolia,” “Friend of the Devil,” “Scarlet Begonias,” and “Hell In a Bucket.”

In addition .. I have ONE copy of the newly released 4 CD set culled from the *80* disk 30 Trips arond the Sun:
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Friday, September 11, 2015

Dead Show/podcast for 9/11/15

A request from one of my supporters, as well as the fact that this past week marked Pigpen's 70th birthday inspired this week's Deadpod selection from the Berkeley Community Theater on August 14th, 1971. This is a great tape that showcases the early versions of many classics like 'Sugaree' and 'Playin' In the Band' as well as some outstanding Pigpen performances. Highlights include the opening 'Bertha', 'El Paso' played nice and slowly, 'Big Railroad Blues' (a personal favorite), and of course Pigpen on 'Big Boss Man' and 'Hard To Handle'. I'm always a fan of this period of the Dead's history and of course it helps that there are such great sounding tapes that we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy.

Grateful Dead
Berkeley Community Theatre Berkeley, CA
8/14/71 - Saturday

Bertha [5:43] ;
Me And My Uncle [3:09] ;
Mr. Charlie [3:13] ;
Sugaree [6:08] ;
El Paso [5:03] ;
Big Railroad Blues [3:26] ;
Big Boss Man [4:58] ;
Brokedown Palace [5:20] ;
Playing In The Band [4:28] ;
Hard To Handle [7:16] ;
Cumberland Blues [5:29] ;
Loser [6:31] ;
The Promised Land [2:53]

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Friday, September 04, 2015

Dead Show/podcast for 9/4/15

This week's Deadpod continues with the second set from the band's performance on September 6th, 1980 at Lewiston Maine. Wildly praised by those in attendance, I think you'll enjoy this recording even though it has its share of flaws, and several of the songs are only from an audience recording. The set starts with one of those funky 80's Shakedown Streets.. always a great way to get the crowd on their feet and moving! A fairly standard Sailor->Saint leads into a nice Althea, but the magic starts to happen after that with a great Playin->Uncle John's->Space->Drums->Space..this recording, being a matrix, really captures the energy of the crowd when that Uncle John's starts up.. they follow with an excellent drums, then following space a really excellent NFA into the Wheel. I love how they come out of this and back into Uncle John's then into a Playin' reprise.. short but nicely done! 
A strong Sugar Magnolia closes the set, and the band returns for a double encore, featuring, of course, One More Saturday Night and a sweet Brokedown Palace.. 

State Fairgrounds, Lewiston, ME (9/6/80)
set 2 

Shakedown Street
Lost Sailor
Saint of Circumstance
Playin' in the Band
Uncle John's Band
Not Fade Away
The Wheel
Uncle John's Band
Playin' in the Band
Sugar Magnolia

One More Saturday Night
Brokedown Palace

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Dead Show/podcast for 8/28/15

This week we feature yes another show from 1980.. this one was the last show of the summer tour that year, and took place up in Lewiston Maine, at a big outdoor festival there at the State Fairgrounds on September 6th, 1980. This is a wonderful show, and while this recording does suffer some issues (this is a soundboard/audience matrix) it still captures what is a superb performance and I'm certain you'll enjoy it. 
The boys come out strong out of the gate, with a rocking 'Alabama Getaway' into 'Greatest Story Every Told'.. when Garcia starts out with 'Sugaree' you might think things are about to settle down, but hold on for one of the better versions of this number you are likely to hear.. this is fantastic! The band is not about to slow down however as the remainder of set one contains plenty to like, including a rare, mid-set 'Feel Like A Stranger' and a great China->Rider->Promised Land to close out set 1. 
While we will hear set 2 next week, with its own spectacular jamming, I hope you find this set a great way to spend a late summer day... 

State Fairgrounds, Lewiston, ME (9/6/80)

Alabama Getaway
Greatest Story Ever Told
Me and My Uncle
Mexicali Blues
Tennessee Jed
Feel Like a Stranger
Friend of the Devil
Far From Me
Little Red Rooster
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Promised Land

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As I send off my two sons to college this weekend, I'm left with the feeling best expressed by the boys when they sang: 

"Wo Oh, what I want to know, where does the time go?" 

I wish all of you well, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this magic music with you...