Friday, June 22, 2018

Dead Show/podcast for 6/22/18

Happy Summer everyone!

This second set from May 11th, 1980 is really a classic set list with a powerhouse pre-drums set and a rare set-closing Johnny B. Goode.. I would've loved to have seen this one! Bet the place was rockin' after the Black Peter as well! Another example of 'never miss a Sunday show'!

Grateful Dead
Cumberland County Civic Center
Portland, ME
5/11/80 - Sunday
Scarlet Begonias [6:42] >
Fire On The Mountain [8:19] ;
Feel Like A Stranger [7:31] >
Terrapin Station [11:53] >
Playing In The Band [8:51] >
Drums [5:#31] >
Space [2:17] >
Black Peter [8:59] >
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [7:02] >
Around And Around [3:50] >
Johnny B. Goode [3:57]
Brokedown Palace [5:27]

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Dead Show/podcast for 6/15/18

The band was on a roll not only during May of '77 but also during May of 1980 so I decided to bring you this smoker of a show from that month, 38 years ago. This one comes from Portland Maine on May 11th, 1980. This one gets up and roaring with a hot 'Alabama Getaway' into 'Promised Land'. Garcia's voice is great on 'They Love Each Other' which follows and throughout. The only flaw here for me is when Brent drops a verse on 'Easy To Love  You'. I'm always a fan of the 'Big Railroad blues' and the closing 'Don't Ease' into 'Music Never Stopped' is a fun way to close this first set..

Grateful Dead
Cumberland County Civic Center
Portland, ME 5/11/80 - Sunday
Alabama Getaway [4:33] >
The Promised Land [4:13] ;
They Love Each Other [6:57] ;
Cassidy [4:50] ;
Loser [7:22] ;
It's All Over Now [8:20] ;
Easy To Love You [3:30] ;
Big Railroad Blues [4:36] ;
Looks Like Rain [7:59] ;
Don't Ease Me In [3:09] >
The Music Never Stopped [7:26]

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Friday, June 08, 2018

Dead Show/podcast for 6/8/18

This week's Deadpod features a very nice second set from Deer Creek Music Theater in Nobelsville Indiana on June 6th, 1991. The set starts with China>Rider, which, after a bit of a warm up moves along very smartly. While this is most definitely a 90s sound, there is enough great Garcia licks (as well as a great 'headlight on a northbound train'  to please, I think. The band are definitely functioning together as a unit. Estimated follows..check out Bobby's screeches! a nice little jam leads us into 'Uncle John's Band'. (I hear Hornsby's accordion here). A fine transition leads into drums and space.. (my apologies for the distortion on some of the drums). A long and quite interesting space leads into a beautiful 'Wheel'. A rather shorter 'Watchtower' follows, but then we get a beautiful 'Stella Blue'. A rocking' Lovelight closes the set, but it is followed by a rare 'Box of Rain' encore..

Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN (6/6/91)

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Estimated Prophet
Uncle John's Band
The Wheel
All Along the Watchtower
Stella Blue
Turn On Your Love Light

Box of Rain

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Friday, June 01, 2018

Dead Show/podcast for 6/1/18

As we head into June and the Summer concert season I decided to bring you a show from one of the favorite venues for summertime Dead - the Deer Creek Music Theater in Nobelsville Indiana, from June 6, 1991. I like the balance on this recording - everyone's sound  seems well blended and no keyboards overpower the music. The 'Jack Straw' opener is especially bright and snappy..
other favorites for me in this set include Row Jimmy and Big Railroad Blues. I admit I have always enjoyed what Hornsby brought to the band, and to Garcia.. I think this is a great example.

Grateful Dead
Deer Creek Music Center
Noblesville, IN
6/6/91 - Thursday


Jack Straw [5:47] ;
They Love Each Other [9:18];
Wang Dang Doodle [7:28] ;
Row Jimmy [9:34] ;
Black Throated Wind [5:46] ;
Big Railroad Blues [5:15] ;
Cassidy [6:41] ;
Might As Well [6:03]

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To those of you attending Dead & Co summer shows - Best wishes for a safe and wonderful time!!

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Dead Show/podcast for 5/25/18

What a great set to share with you on this holiday weekend! This week we get to hear the third set from the band's performance on May 20th, 1973 at Santa Barbara California.
The set starts out with a fine 'Truckin'.. but the magic starts right after that,  first in an exquisite jam out of Trucking, then, a 'Nobody's Fault' jam. I recommend letting the music take you where it will beyond this point.. if you've not heard this show before you've not been here yet. Words won't due justice to the paths traveled by the music, but the closest might come from the review of this show in the Grateful Dead Listening Guide here:

Clearly the musicians serve the music here...
slowly you realize 'The Other One' is making an appearance.. and we are transported, farther.. deeper.. This is the stuff.. then suddenly.. 'Eyes of the World' leads us on a smoother, silkier passage.. Garcia of course still takes us on a rolling path guaranteed to make you want to move.. while his voice might not be at its fullest here, it is nevertheless a fine listen, with the music flowing like a babbling brook at times... then.. it flows into 'Stella Blue'.
'Sugar Mag' gives the crowd an appropriate rocking send-off.. No surprise we get a 'Johnny B. Goode' encore. :)

Grateful Dead
Campus Stadium - University Of California
Santa Barbara, CA
5/20/73 - Sunday


Truckin' [8:51] >
Nobody's Fault But Mine Jam [1:28] >
Jam [8:23] >
The Other One [10:55] >
Eyes Of The World [14:10] >
Stella Blue [7:51] ;
Sugar Magnolia [10:04]
Johnny B. Goode [3:54]

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Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

Give a thought to all those who have lost their lives in armed conflict.


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Friday, May 18, 2018

Dead Show/podcast for 5/18/18

This week's Deadpod continues with the second set of the band's performance back on May 20th, 1973 at UC-Santa Barbara, CA.
While this set appears more like a 'first' set setlist, but the playing is spectacular throughout. 'Big Railroad Blues' is always a keeper and these early 'Here Comes Sunshines' are spectacular.

Grateful Dead
Campus Stadium - University Of California
Santa Barbara, CA
5/20/73 - Sunday
The Promised Land [3:03] ;
Brown Eyed Women [5:14] ;
Mexicali Blues [3:41] ;
Row Jimmy ;
Jack Straw ;
Big Railroad Blues ;
Greatest Story Ever Told ;
Here Comes Sunshine ;
Big River ;
Loser [7:09] ;
El Paso [3:29] ;
Casey Jones [9:01]

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