Friday, December 08, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 12/8/17

This week - a really fun second set from the early Winter/late Fall of 79. This set starts out with a great Shakedown Street into a drummer's favorite - Samson and Delilah. Jerry slows things down a bit with a beautiful 'High Time' bu tthey pick back up with a long and well jammed-out Estimated->Eyes of the World. The jam going into Drums is particularly tasty. 'Black Peter' comes out of Drums, then they rock out the rest of the set with a 'Around and Around' into 'Johnny B. Goode', and a rockin'  'U.S. Blues' encore..

hope this gets you up and rockin' and keeping those bones warm:)

Grateful Dead
Cleveland Public Auditorium Cleveland, OH
11/29/79 - Thursday
Shakedown Street [11:49] ->
Samson And Delilah [7:01] ;
High Time [7:53] ;
Estimated Prophet [13:29] ->
Eyes Of The World [16:02] ->
Space [8:13] ->
Drums [7:#15] ->
Black Peter [10:31] ->
Around And Around [4:59] ->
Johnny B. Goode [4:40]
U.S. Blues [5:29]

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Friday, December 01, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 12/1/79

This week - a show I really don't think I've broadcast before :) this one from my old hometown of Cleveland Ohio back on 11/29/79 at Public Hall. The boys always seemed to rock in the Land and this night was no exception as they started out with a great 'Alabama Getaway' into 'Promised Land'. Je4ry slows it down a bit with 'Candyman' but the 'Mexicali' is smokin'. A beautiful 'They Love Each Other' follows with some great leads from Jerry. Brent is stlll new in the chair but 'Easy To Love You' is great. 'Brown-Eyed Women' smokes and the boys close with 'Looks Like Rain' into a stompin' 'Don't Ease Me In'.. second set next week..

Grateful Dead
Cleveland Public Auditorium Cleveland, OH
11/29/79 - Thursday
Alabama Getaway [6:17] >
The Promised Land [4:12] ;
Candyman [7:18] ;
Mama Tried [2:33] >
Mexicali Blues [4:23] ;
They Love Each Other [7:10] ;
New Minglewood Blues [7:16] ;
Easy To Love You [3:44] ;
Brown Eyed Women [5:31] ;
Looks Like Rain [8:05] >
Don't Ease Me In [4:26]

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 11/23/17

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm hoping you'll enjoy this early acoustic Deadpod as my holiday present to you... This comes to us from November 8th 1970 from the famous Capitol Theater in Port Chester New York. As is my tradition, we'll enjoy the fine acoustic set for Thanksgiving and then next week I'll present the tasty electric set. 'Operator' and 'Wake Up Little Susie' make their final appearance in this setlist, and be sure and catch the Godzilla discussion that (who else) Weir goes into.. there's even a little tasty dessert at the end of the set - don't miss it :)

Grateful Dead
Capitol Theater
Port Chester, NY 11/8/70 - Sunday

One - 43:09

Dire Wolf [4:15];[0:35] ;
I Know You Rider [8:10];[0:17#] ;
Dark Hollow (1) [3:00];[0:38] ;
Rosalie McFall [2:57] ;
El Paso [4:39] ;
Operator [2:13] ;
Ripple [4:13] ;
Friend Of The Devil [3:30] ;
Wake Up Little Susie [2:11] ;
Uncle John's Band [6:10];[0:05]

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 11/17/17

This week we hear the conclusion of this great, fresh sounding show from April 14th, 1971 at Bucknell University.
This set starts with a great and somewhat longish for the period, Bird Song, and just keeps getting better.. with a unique Sugar Magnolia, a psychedelic Crypical, and the Pig on 'Hard To Handle'.
The closing jam on 'Not Fade Away'-> 'Goin' Down the Road'->'Not Fade Away' is great and they come back for a nice 'Uncle John's Band' encore.
Hope you enjoy this dose of early, Good 'Ol Grateful Dead!

Grateful Dead
Davis Gym - Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA
4/14/71 - Wednesday


Bird Song ;
Sugar Magnolia ;
Cryptical Envelopment >
Drums >
The Other One >
Wharf Rat ;
Hard To Handle ;
Not Fade Away >
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad >
Not Fade Away >
Johnny B. Goode
Encore Uncle John's Band

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 11/10/17

This week's Deadpod takes us back to the early days of 1971, to a performance that was before a small crowd at Davis Gymnasium on the Bucknell University Campus in Lewisburg PA on April 14th, 1971. This is a wonderful tape, despite a little static here and there.. it has by and large excellent sound and the band is really energized. There's a great mix of rocking numbers like 'Truckin' and 'China Cat' along with quieter ballads like 'Me & Bobby McGee' and 'Sing Me Back Home'. I love how clearly I can hear Phil's thundering bass on 'Bertha'! 
A true treat here is one of the rare performances of 'I Second That Emotion' (only played 6 times) that happens here in set 1. (There is some dispute about the setlist order - Deadbase 50 puts it in set 2, I've left it in its traditional 1st set slot here).

thanks to Jim H for the suggestion -  remember I'm always happy to take requests!

Grateful Dead
Davis Gym - Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA
4/14/71 - Wednesday
Truckin' ;
Deal ;
Me And Bobby McGee ;
Next Time You See Me ;
Bertha ;
Playing In The Band ;
Sing Me Back Home ;
Me And My Uncle ;
China Cat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider ;
I Second That Emotion ;
Casey Jones

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Friday, November 03, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 11/3/17

This week we bring you the historic second set from the Dead's performance on Holloween night, 1991 in Oakland California. This one is powerful, dark at times, rocking at times. Very introspective I think. A great 'Scarlet->Fire' leads it off, followed by Bobby on Truckin' and Spoonful. The Dark Star is the heart of the matter of course, wonderful flights of imagination and highlighted by Ken Kesey's eulogy for Bill Graham. Words that resonate today. The Last Time is a great choice coming out and then a personal favorite 'Standing on the Moon'. The rest of the set includes a 'Throwin' Stones'. and then the great 'Not Fade Away'.Jerry celebrates the day with a Werewolves encore!

Grateful Dead
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Arena
Oakland, CA
10/31/91 - Thursday


Scarlet Begonias >
Fire On The Mountain >
Truckin' [7:10] >
Spoonful [6:20] (1) >
Dark Star [11:16] (1) (2) >
Drums [14:28] >
Space [12:17] (1) >
Dark Star [3:18] (1) >
The Last Time [5:33] (1) ;
Standing On The Moon [8:12] >
Throwing Stones [9:48] >
Not Fade Away [7:20]
Werewolves Of London [5:31] (3)
Comments (1) with Gary Duncan on guitar ; (2) Ken Kesey gives spoken eulogy to Bill Graham ; (3) sung as Werewolves of Oakland

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