Friday, January 12, 2018

Dead Show/podcast for 1/12/18

A fresh new year brought to my mind a good time to hear the band when they sounded fresh and young - - thus this week's Deadpod from 1/16/70 at Springer's Inn in Portland Oregon.  This is the start of what was a momentous year for the band, and we can hear the enthusiasm and talent of each of them on this fine recording. While there are no long jams or songs on this recording, there is a passion and energy in each of these songs that is a treat to listen to.
I'll play the first part of this recording this week and the second next; while there are some cuts and anomalies, I think you'll agree that it has held up its sonically remarkably well.

Grateful Dead
Springer's Inn Portland, OR
1/16/70 - Friday

Casey Jones [4:33];[0:44] ;
Mama Tried [2:28];[0:33] ;
Black Peter (1) [7:59];[2:38] ;
Hard To Handle [7:07];[0:24] ;
China Cat Sunflower [2:58] >
Jam [2:28] >
I Know You Rider [4:08];[0:30] ;
High Time [7:37];[0:09] %
Good Lovin' [#6:41];[0:10] ;
Dancing In The Street [6:29];[0:29] ;
Alligator [3:40] >
Drums [5:13] >
Jam in 12s [1:45] >
The Eleven Jam [6:45] >
Space [0:14] >
Death Don't Have No Mercy [8:24];[0:14]

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Friday, January 05, 2018

Dead Show/podcast for 1/5/18

We usher in the New Year with a long, fantastic second set from the Dead's performance on 12/30/78 at the Pauley Pavilion in UCLA, Los Angeles, CA. The bands opens with a trifecta of rock and roll -
'I Need a Miracle' (check out Weir's shouting here) into 'Bertha' into 'Good Lovin'. This leads into a fantastic, long Scarlet > Fire (almost 18 minutes). You might think they'd head into Drums and Space but no, tonight we get both a 'Playin' in the Band' AND a 'Shakedown Street' pre-Drums. This Drums is no slouch.. and leads into Hamza el-Din joining the band for 'Ollin Arrageed'. Jerry rather flubs the intro to the first 'St. Stephen' since January 78, but still great to hear, as is the 'Not Fade Away'>Goin' Down the Road'>'Around and Around' which closes this excellent set. They return for the obligatory 'One More Saturday Night' encore capping off almost a 2 hour set.

Grateful Dead
Pauley Pavilion - University of California
Los Angeles, CA
12/30/78 - Saturday
I Need A Miracle [4:12] >
Bertha [6:34] >
Good Lovin' [7:02] ;
Scarlet Begonias [9:31] >
Fire On The Mountain [9:34] ;
Playing In The Band [7:54] >
Shakedown Street [8:57] >
Drums [10:46] >
Ollin Arrageed (1) [14:03] >
Space [2:06] >
Saint Stephen [8:03] >
Not Fade Away [7:35] >
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [6:39] >
Around And Around [9:08]
One More Saturday Night [4:34]
comments (1) with Hamza el-Din

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Friday, December 29, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 12/29/17

First off - Happy New Year! Always a significant date on the touring calendar, the NYE run has seen many great shows over the years. I've decided to bring you one from 39 years ago, 12/29/78 at Pauley Pavilion at UCLA in Los Angeles CA. This rather long first set is a combination of slower Garcia ballads and rockin' Weir covers.. but it all works and I hope you'll enjoy it.  An opening 'Jack Straw' is always a treat, and this one is quite welcome.. 'They Love Each Other' follows, then Bobby brings out a nice 'Mama Tried' into 'Mexicali Blues'.  Garcia again slows it down a bit with a soulful 'Loser'. Other highlights in the firs set include a great rockin' 'Passenger' followed by a 'Tennessee Jed' with a great Garcia solo. 'Sugaree' that follows the 'Minglewood' is very tasty as well!

Grateful Dead
Pauley Pavilion - University of California
Los Angeles, CA
12/30/78 - Saturday
Jack Straw [5:28] ;
They Love Each Other [6:58] ;
Mama Tried [2:24] >
Mexicali Blues [3:56] ;
Loser [7:15] ;
Looks Like Rain [7:54] ;
Stagger Lee [5:33] ;
Passenger [5:00] ;
Tennessee Jed [8:44] ;
New Minglewood Blues [5:14] ;
Sugaree [9:15] ;
The Promised Land [4:28]

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Friday, December 22, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 12/22/17

Our annual Christmas Deadpod features a very entertaining acoustic show from the summer of 1970. While it is true that the mandolin and the guitars are higher in the mix than optimal, I am of the opinion that the quality of the recording, and the originality of the set list, make this a worthwhile pastime on a cold winter's day. I do hope you agree.

I wish for all of you peace and happiness and hope that this holiday weekend finds you with the people you love, for that is the greatest of all gifts.

Grateful Dead
Golden Hall - San Diego Community Concourse
San Diego, CA
8/5/70 - Wednesday
One - 31:06

Candyman [6:46]%[0:17] ;
El Paso [5:44]%[0:10] ;
Rosalie McFall [3:34]%[0:06] ;
Tell It To Me [2:25];[0:15] ;
Drink Up And Go Home [2:44]%[0:26] ;
A Voice From On High [2:57]%[0:08] ;
Cold Jordan [2:26] >
Swing Low Sweet Chariot [3:02] [0:08]
Two - 31:34

Deep Elem Blues [5:35]%[0:04] ;
Dark Hollow [3:18]%[0:05] ;
Friend Of The Devil [3:55]%[0:05] ;
Mama Tried [2:52]%[0:04] ;
To Lay Me Down [6:18];[0:15] ;
Dire Wolf [3:15];[0:14 intro] ;
The Ballad Of Casey Jones [5:03];[0:06]

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Friday, December 15, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 12/15/17

This week's Deadpod features a one-set wonder (as it is only the 2nd set that we have a soundboard tape of) of a superb show from December 1st, 1971 from the Boston Music Hall in Boston MA. This is a beautiful recording of the young Dead and I'm quite certain you'll enjoy both the stand alone songs and the insane jamming of 'The Other One'. The ending 'Not Fade Away'>Going  Down the Road Feelin' Bad'>'Not Fade Away' is wonderful as well.

Grateful Dead
Boston Music Hall
Boston, MA 12/1/71 - Wednesday


Ramble On Rose ;
Me And Bobby McGee ;
Big Boss Man [4:44] ;
Cryptical Envelopment [1:47] >
Drums [2:33] >
The Other One (1) [14:08] >
Me And My Uncle [2:01] >
The Other One (2) [8:51] ;
Not Fade Away [3:57] >
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [5:53] >
Not Fade Away [2:40]

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Friday, December 08, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 12/8/17

This week - a really fun second set from the early Winter/late Fall of 79. This set starts out with a great Shakedown Street into a drummer's favorite - Samson and Delilah. Jerry slows things down a bit with a beautiful 'High Time' bu tthey pick back up with a long and well jammed-out Estimated->Eyes of the World. The jam going into Drums is particularly tasty. 'Black Peter' comes out of Drums, then they rock out the rest of the set with a 'Around and Around' into 'Johnny B. Goode', and a rockin'  'U.S. Blues' encore..

hope this gets you up and rockin' and keeping those bones warm:)

Grateful Dead
Cleveland Public Auditorium Cleveland, OH
11/29/79 - Thursday
Shakedown Street [11:49] ->
Samson And Delilah [7:01] ;
High Time [7:53] ;
Estimated Prophet [13:29] ->
Eyes Of The World [16:02] ->
Space [8:13] ->
Drums [7:#15] ->
Black Peter [10:31] ->
Around And Around [4:59] ->
Johnny B. Goode [4:40]
U.S. Blues [5:29]

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