Friday, February 29, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 02/29/08

This week I have an excellent show from 1989 for your listening pleasure - we'll be hearing the first part of August 6th, 1989 from Cal Expo. The show starts with a 'Let the Good Times Roll' that the band ends perfectly and rolls into 'Feel Like a Stranger' and then Franklin's Tower.. A very interesting and well played start to a wonderful show. I really enjoy this first part of the show - highlighted by Garcia's singing on Ramble on Rose and a great version of Birdsong. I've included the magnificent Scarlet->Fire that opens the 2nd set..

Grateful Dead Cal Expo Amphitheatre Sacramento, CA
8/6/89 - Sunday
One Good Times [3:55] ; Feel Like A Stranger [7:39] ~ Franklin's Tower [7:51] ; Walkin' Blues [6:09] ; Ramble On Rose [7:45] ; When I Paint My Masterpiece [5:04] % Bird Song [11:59]
Two Scarlet Begonias [8:50] > Fire On The Mountain [12:37]

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Be well - enjoy - and Thanks for your support!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 02/22/08

This week I'd had a request for some '68 Dead, and just happened to have just gotten this remastered beauty. This is quite an amazing recording for a 40 year old show, even more amazing is how accomplished the band sounds when I think of how young they were. I think the power of this music, especially in the second set, is really amazing..

Grateful Dead Carousel Ballroom San Francisco, CA
Date 2/14/68 - Wednesday
One Morning Dew [#6:24] % Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [#12:26] % Dark Star [#4:10] > China Cat Sunflower [4:06] > The Eleven [5:09] > Turn On Your Lovelight [9:01] ; (1) [0:05]
Two (2) Cryptical Envelopment [1:42] > The Other One [3:06] > Cryptical Envelopment [3:58] > New Potato Caboose [8:37] > Born Cross-Eyed [2:46] > Spanish Jam [11:59]; [3:14]; Alligator [3:17] > Drums [2:27] > (3) Alligator [7:#56] > Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) [10:40] > Feedback [5:24]
Encore (4) In The Midnight Hour [9:#51]

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Thanks so much for your support during our pledge drive!!
Hope you enjoy the show!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 02/15/08

Hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! This week we'll finish listening to the conclusion of the fabulous show from 6/10/73, Washington D.C.

The highlight of this week's show of course is the entire, unusual third set, featuring members of the Allman Brothers Band and Merle Saunders. This includes a smoking That's All Right, Mama and some huge guitar licks from Dicky Betts on Not Fade Away.

Grateful Dead
RFK Stadium Washington, DC 6/10/73 - Sunday

Wharf Rat [8:21] > Truckin' [7:01] ; Sugar Magnolia [9:18]
Three [49:20] ; It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry [7:22] ; That's All Right, Mama [13:45] ; The Promised Land [4:07] ; Not Fade Away [11:08] > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [11:11] > Drums [6:22] > Not Fade Away [3:40] ; Johnny B. Goode [2:35]

As always you can listen to the Deadpod here:

I want to thank all of you who contributed to the Deadpod's pledge drive last week. I really appreciate your support!
You can still contribute if you'd like - just click on the 'Contribute Now' button on the right side of the main blog page. I still have some premiums available - there are these *wonderful* live Ratdog shows:
Aragon Ballroom Chicago IL 7/19/07
Casino Ballroom Hampton Beach NH 10/27/07
North Fork Theatre Westbury NY 10/31/07
House of Blues Myrtle Beach SC 11/10/07
Florida Theater Jacksonville FL 11/14/07

I also have several copies of the new Donna Jean and the Tricksters cd.. Honestly I don't know if I'll have any of the new GD Road Trips V.2 cd - I'm waiting to receive these from Rhino....


Hope you enjoy the show!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 02/08/08

This week is a very special Deadpod, as it marks the start of our Winter pledge drive for our community radio station, KOPN 89.5 FM as well as for the Deadpod. Musically, we'll continue where we left off last week - we'll be listening to most of the second set from RFK Stadium, June 10th, 1973. This is truly classic Grateful Dead - Eyes of the World into Stella Blue, a Big River, Here Comes Sunshine and a great Dark Star are some of the highlights of this fantastic set..
In the second part of the Deadpod I talk to Gary McKinney, musician, and author of a new novel, Slipknot, a murder mystery whose main character, Sheriff Gavin Pruitt, is a Deadhead. The novel explores his philosophy -influcenced by the band of course, and a classic confrontation of self interest verses the environment..
Best of all I have ten copies of Slipknot to send out to anyone interested in reading this great novel who makes a contribution to the Deadpod of $20 or more. Just drop me a note and I'll gladly send you a copy - this is a really fun read and I know you'll enjoy it.. (You can find Slipknot on or at

Other premiums for this drive include five copies of Donna Jean and the Tricksters new cd,

and five concert CDs from Ratdog's summer tour.. I'm also hoping to get at least five copies of the brand new GD cd, Road Trips vol. 2 which features performances from the fall of 1977. If you're interested in these as a premium for your contribution of $50 or more just drop me a note and I'll let you know what I have available..

I really count on and value your contributions and want to thank you in advance for your consideration and your support..

Grateful Dead RFK Stadium Washington, DC 6/10/73 - Sunday
Two: Eyes Of The World [21:17] > Stella Blue [8:10] ; Big River [4:#03] ; Here Comes Sunshine [10:32] ; Around And Around [4:59] ; Dark Star [25:43] > He's Gone [14:07

As always you can listen to the Deadpod here:

I hope you enjoy the show..... be well friends!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 02/01/08

This week we have a new release of a classic Dead show, this one from the start of the summer of 1973. This week we'll listen to the first set, which as you can see from the setlist below contains plenty of surprises for a first set! Besides the very unusual opening Morning Dew, it contains the last version of 'Wave that Flag' before this song morphs into US Blues. I think you'll agree that Garcia is in fine voice on this show and I'm confident you'll enjoy yourself as you listen!

Grateful Dead RFK Stadium Washington, DC 6/10/73 - Sunday
One Morning Dew [11:10] ; Beat It On Down The Line [3:11] ; Ramble On Rose [6:24] ; Jack Straw [3:43] ; Wave That Flag [5:37] ; Looks Like Rain [7:29] ; Box Of Rain [4:58] ; They Love Each Other [4:37] ; The Race Is On [2:56] ; Row Jimmy [9:07] ; El Paso [4:22] ; Bird Song [11:58] ; Playing In The Band [17:04]

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