Friday, April 21, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 4/21/17

A somewhat uneven second set from April 8th 1985 is featured on this week's Deadpod. The set starts out with a cover of the Beatles' 'Revolution' which to my mind is one of those songs they never should have tried to cover. Luckily things pick up after that, they  follow with  a 'Hell In a Bucket' and 'Touch of Gray' are played quite energetically (they were working on those In the Dark album songs even though the album wouldn't be released until 1987). I quite enjoy the 'Estimated Prophet' that follows, Jerry has some nice licks and Bob has the spirit. Of course, we've heard 'Eyes of the World' follow out of this many times, still its nicely played with an  unusual jam out of Estimaed.  Although Jerry's voice does seem a little more tired now, and the pace is a bit rushed, I always enjoy it.
After an interesting Drums and Space, it takes Jerry and Bob a bit to settle on that 'Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad', but that just makes for an interesting intro. 'Stella Blue' follows, and Jerry gives it a fine treatment. They follow with 'Around and Around' which then goes into a fine high-energy 'Lovelight'.  They return for a 'Brokedown Palace' encore.

The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA (4/8/85)
Hell in a Bucket
Touch of Grey
Estimated Prophet
Eyes of the World
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
Stella Blue
Around and Around
Turn on Your Love Light

Brokedown Palace

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 4/14/17

This week I decided to perk up your spring with a high energy first set from a year I don't often feature (for good reason) 1985.. This one is from April 8th, 1985 from the Spectrum in Philadelphia PA. The boys are clearly playing with their setlists this year, and this is one of the most innovative first sets of the period. They start off with 'In the Midnight Hour' and between Weir's vocals and Healy's effects we know we're in for something different.. then Jerry goes into 'Walkin' the Dog'.. Garcia's voice is a bit rough throughout but not as bad as on some days this year and he delivers with gusto throughout. The 'Big Boss Man' which ends this trifecta features a nice little jam. The 'Me & My Uncle-> Cumberland Blues' is also quite well played and features some nice jamming.
The rare 'Down In The Bottom->Ain't Superstituous' is not really as interesting as one would hope, but 'Althea' is nicely done especially given Garcia's vocal state. 'Tons of Steel' is quite excellent I think, as is a great Supplication jam. They end with a disappointing 'Might As Well' Still a quite good first set..

Grateful Dead
The Spectrum Philadelphia, PA
4/8/85 - Monday

In The Midnight Hour >
Walking The Dog >
Big Boss Man ;
Me And My Uncle >
Cumberland Blues ;
Down In The Bottom >
I Ain't Superstitious ;
Althea ;
Tons Of Steel >
Supplication >
Might As Well

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Friday, April 07, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 4/7/17

This week's Deadpod features the second set from the band's performance at a Rex Foundation benefit on April 1st, 1984. There's lots of Garcia to love here, from the Help->Slip-Frank, through Terrapin and Morning Dew.. We even have a Touch of Grey encore.. really this one is a 'greatest hits' set list, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have..

Grateful Dead
Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium
San Rafael, CA
4/1/84 - Sunday


Help On The Way [3:12] >
Slipknot! [5:29] >
Franklin's Tower [11:27] >
Samson And Delilah [7:32] ;
Terrapin Station [12:18] >
Drums [4:37#] >
Space [4:48] >
Morning Dew [12:19] ;
I Need A Miracle [3:18] >
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [7:29] >
Good Lovin' [8:27]
Touch Of Grey [6:35]

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 3/31/17

An early April Fool's present for my Deadpod friends this week. This show, from April 1st, 1984 is much better to my ears than it appears on paper (and the second set, scheduled for next week, is even better). This show was the last show of the first Rex Foundation runs, so it was held in the very small Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Personally I enjoy hearing Brent so upfront in the mix. The other general point that stands out to me is that Garcia is out front and outstanding on most of these songs. Jack Straw, big Railroad Blues, and Tennessee Jed are outstanding.

Grateful Dead
Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium
San Rafael, CA
4/1/84 - Sunday
Jack Straw [5:48] ;
Friend Of The Devil [8:30] ;
Me And My Uncle [3:14] >
Mexicali Blues [4:51] ;
Big Railroad Blues [5:33] ;
Cassidy [5:15] ;
Tennessee Jed [#7:33] ;
My Brother Esau [4:30] >
Don't Ease Me In [3:12]

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 3/24/17

I'm guessing that if you listened to last week's Deadpod you know that this week's second set from 3/31/73 is going to be great.. great sound.. great playing.. great X factor. I love this show and hope you do too. It may not have some of the big 'hits' of the day (Dark Star, etc) but there is some really wonderful explorations. I think if you listen closely you'll hear themes from all sorts of places in this music. Appropriately we start with a Chuck Berry tune - Promised Land.. then move into a hard rockin' Bertha. That flows into a pretty interesting GSET. He's Gone is slower.. but they then move into the real funhouse of the set.. Truckin' into Drums then a wonderful Other One->Spanish Jam.. this one is quite unique.. then they somehow end up in 'I Know You Rider'...
This is a fun ride.. hope you enjoy it!!!

Grateful Dead
War Memorial Buffalo, NY
3/31/73 - Saturday
The Promised Land ->;
Bertha ->
Greatest Story Ever Told ;
He's Gone ->
Truckin' ->
Drums ->
The Other One ->
Spanish Jam ->
I Know You Rider ;
Sugar Magnolia

Casey Jones

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 3/17/17

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
This week we have a fine request from a great friend of the Deadpod for a show from March 31st, 1973 - Buffalo N.Y.
You really never go wrong with a show from that year so I'm happy to oblige.. we'll hear set 1 this week. While there are many great highlights here, overall I simply love the sound of Garcia's guitar. Watch out for Donna on Playin' In the Band ;)

War Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo NY (3/31/73)

Mississippi Half-Step
The Race Is On
Mexicali Blues
Box of Rain
Tennessee Jed
Jack Straw
Big Railroad Blues
El Paso
Row Jimmy
Looks Like Rain
They Love Each Other
Playing in the Band

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 3/10/17

This week we have the second set from the band's performance on March 10th, 1981 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY. A fine set from an underrated tour, this one opens with a nice long Scarlet->Fire,  which leads into a surprisingly powerful 'Sailor->Saint'. Drums and space follow, serving as an extended prelude into a sweet 'Wheel'. 'China Doll' is a welcome addition to any second set, followed by a rousing 'Truckin'. |See if you hear the Smokestack tease as Truckin' heads into the Sugar Mag closer. They return for one of their very best versions of  'Satisfaction' followed by a great Brokedown to send the folks home happy.

Grateful Dead
Madison Square Garden New York , NY
3/10/81 - Tuesday
Scarlet Begonias [11:08] >
Fire On The Mountain [15:23] >
Lost Sailor [6:06] >
Saint Of Circumstance [6:41] >
Space [2:58] >
Drums [10:13] >
Space [2:18] >
The Wheel [5:59] >
China Doll [6:57] >
Truckin' [8:37] >
Sugar Magnolia [8:48]
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction [6:20] >
Brokedown Palace [5:52]

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Friday, March 03, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 3/3/17

As March blows in we go back in this week's Deadpod to the spring of 1981, and one of the fine shows from the band's run at Madison Square Garden. Last year we played the previous evening's show, but this performance from March 10, 1981 deserves a spot on our favorites as well. The show beings with a Mississippi Half-Step that starts off great, then a shocking bit of feedback/reverb blows through the sound system - the band simply plays through it like the pros they are, but don't let it throw you off, this is a great version! This flows into a fine, stand alone version of Franklin's Tower. I always enjoy these, and this one is no slouch. Me and My Uncle follows with Weir joking that the earlier feedback was all planned. They slow it up a little with 'Roses'. Don't Easy Me In occupies a rare mid-set position, and there is some nice improvisation in the Lazy Lightnin'->Supplication transition. A strong first set that I hope puts you in a fine space as we roll into early March!

Grateful Dead
Madison Square Garden
New York , NY
3/10/81 - Tuesday

Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo [11:36] ->
Franklin's Tower [11:03] ->
Me And My Uncle [3:05] ;
It Must Have Been The Roses [6:18] ->
Little Red Rooster [6:12] ;
Don't Ease Me In [3:15] ;
Lazy Lightnin' [3:24] ->
Supplication [6:03] ;
Brown Eyed Women [5:27] ->
Looks Like Rain [9:19] ->
Deal [7:13]

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 2/24/17

This week we bring you the second set from the Dead's Mardi Gras performance back in 1993 - 2/23/93 - at the Oakland Coliseum. Of course this is 1993 Dead - nevertheless it is an interesting performance especially given the fact that Ornette Coleman sits in for the post-drums segment of the set. I've included the Mardi Gras parade drums segment and an Iko Iko  that was admittedly on the weak side. Corrina follows - I had been told not so long ago that I'd never included a performance of this on the Deadpod so I'm glad ot include one here. Lazy River Road follows, a rather curious choice in this slot, as it is surely not high energy. Playin' follows, and signals the beginning of the heart of this set. The drums that follows includes Graham Wiggins on well as Coleman's appearance on stage. Now the real wierdness follows, with a wonderfully unique  'Space' going into the 'Other One'. If you're not a fan of the more improvisational jazzy side of the band, you might not enjoy this. Ornette pushes the boundaries here, and its unlike most versions you'd ever hear. A sad 'Stella Blue ' follows..and they end this set with a nice uptempo 'Lovelight' that benefits from the addition of Coleman's sax. A 'Brokedown Palace' encore sends everyone home with a nice touch of nostalgia.

Grateful Dead
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Arena Oakland, CA
2/23/93 - Tuesday

set 2

Iko Iko (2) ;
Corrina ;
Lazy River Road >
Playing In The Band >
Drums (3) >
Space (3) >
The Other One (4) >
Stella Blue (4) >
Turn On Your Love Light (4)
Encore Brokedown Palace (4)
Comments (1) first time played. (2) Mardi Gras Parade with Sikiru and Delgado Coleman. (3) with Ornette Coleman and Graham Wiggins on didgeridoo. (4) with Ornette Coleman.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 2/17/17

It won't be long before Mardi Gras is here so I decided to bring you one of the better Mardi Gras shows the band performed in their later years. This is from February 23rd, 1993 at Oakland California. Part of me wanted to only play the second set, which features an excellent collaboration with Ornette Coleman, however the completest in me demanded the entire show, so this week I'm featuring set 1, which contains some nice highlights as well as the premier of Phil Lesh's version of 'Broken Arrow'.  I quite enjoy Garcia's solo in Loser as well, and the unusual 'Johnny B. Goode' set closer.

I decided to also include in this week's Deadpod part of a wonderful set by Joe Russo's Almost Dead. This comes from their performance on 12/30/16 at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester NY. They simply tear up this Viola Lee Blues .. I hope you enjoy it!!!

Grateful Dead
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Arena
Oakland, CA  2/23/93 - Tuesday


Cold Rain And Snow ;
Wang Dang Doodle ;
Loser ;
Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again ;
Broken Arrow (first time played) ;
Way To Go Home ;
Johnny B. Goode

Joe Russo's Almost Dead
The Capitol Theater Port Chester NY
Viola Lee Blues->
Uncle John's Band->
Uncle John's Band reprise->
Viola Lee Blues reprise

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 2/10/17

This week I'm pleased to present the second set of the band's performance at the Uptown Theater in Chicago Illinois on February 1st, 1978. They come out of the chute smoking with a great 'Samson and Delilah' - one listen and you know they're taking no prisoners tonight. They slow it down with a beautiful.. and powerfully sung,  'Must Have Been The Roses', Those voices start talking to Weir as 'Estimated Prophet' follows and takes us on a great ride..nice transition leads into 'He's Gone'. this leads into a nice Drumz and a great jam that follows which flows into 'The Other One'. Some great Phil here.. and Garcia soars.
The pathos of 'Wharf Rat' follows, then we're led back into the light with a great 'Sugar Magnolia'.  The band follows with a rocking 'Around and Around' to close the Wednesday night show..

Grateful Dead
Uptown Theatre
Chicago, IL  2/1/78 - Wednesday

Samson And Delilah [8:24] ;
It Must Have Been The Roses [7:47] ;
Estimated Prophet [12:27] >
He's Gone [10:47] >
Drums [6:13] >
Jam [8:18] >
The Other One [11:02] >
Wharf Rat [9:47] >
Sugar Magnolia [10:04]
Around And Around [8:00]

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Friday, February 03, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 2/3/17

We're going to welcome in the  month of February with the band's performance from February 1st, 1978 at the Uptown Theater in Chicago. I believe you'l enjoy this excellent recording of the start of a wonderful swing through the midwest in the winter of 1978. This first set starts with a smokin' 'Jack Straw', then moves through a longish 'Friend of the Devil'. 'Mama Tried' and 'Me & My Uncle' follow then a great 'Ramble on Rose'. Following 'Cassidy' the tape is missing the 'Sunrise' that followed, but we do have the spirited 'Sugaree' which closed the first set. I've decided to follow that with an excellent 'Candyman' which was recorded a few days following up in Milwaukee. Sadly not all of that gig, or of several of these performances during the first week of February '78, are available in soundboard format (although parts of several performances were 'picked' to be included in an excellent, now out-of-print Dick's Picks' 18).

Grateful Dead
Uptown Theatre
Chicago, IL  2/1/78 - Wednesday

Jack Straw [5:57]
Friend Of The Devil [8:08]
Mama Tried [2:40]>
Me And My Uncle [3:23]
Ramble On Rose [7:20]
Cassidy [5:10]
Sunrise [3:54] - MISSING
Sugaree [10:39]

2/4/78 - Milwaukee Auditorium, Milwaukee WI
Candyman [6:39]

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 1/27/17

This week the Deadpod continues with the band's performance on January 3rd, 1970 with the late show from that evening at the Fillmore East.
I'm sure you'll enjoy this fine performance. I am especially enamored with everything from the Other One particular Black Peter and Dire Wolf.
What an encore as well! Be sure and enjoy Tom Constanten on organ as he wouldn't be with the boys much longer..

Grateful Dead - January 3, 1970
Fillmore East - New York, NY

Late Show:
Casey Jones
Mama Tried
Big Boss Man
China Cat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider
Mason's Children
That's It For The Other One >
Cosmic Charlie
Uncle John's Band
Black Peter
Dire Wolf
Good Lovin'
Dancin' In The Street

Saint Stephen >
In The Midnight Hour

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 1/20/17

This week's Deadpod features a show just released by the esteemed Charlie Miller, 1/3/70 Fillmore East.
While I realize that I just played a show from this great year back around Christmas, I think this one more than merits your attention this week. Here at the beginning of what would be a seminal  year in their development the band puts on a jamming clinic - especially in this Alligator in the early show!

 While there are some issues with the recording I hope you find it enjoyable.
If I hear no objections, I'll bring you the late show next week..

Grateful Dead - January 3, 1970
Fillmore East - New York, NY

Early Show:
Morning Dew
Me And My Uncle
Hard To Handle
Cumberland Blues
Cold Rain And Snow
Alligator >
Drums >
Jam >
Alligator >

Uncle John's Band

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 1/13/17

This week's Deadpod, featuring the second set from the band's performance on January 2nd, 1972 features Pigpen giving us a fantastic Good Lovin' to open the set in his next to last Bay Area performance. The band really cooks behind him on this one, I'm sure you'll enjoy this. The rest of the set is quite good as well, and what the set lacks in length it does make up for in quality. While the Not Fade Away->Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad->Not Fade Away is not as unusual as the Good Lovin' ->China Cat Sunflower->Good Lovin' to open the set it is almost as excellent.
This is a harbinger of what will be one of the most outstanding years in the band's history.

Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA (1/2/72)
set 2

Good Lovin'
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Good Lovin'
Ramble On Rose
Sugar Magnolia
Not Fade Away
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad
Not Fade Away

One More Saturday Night

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Friday, January 06, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 1/6/17

For the first Deadpod of 2017, I decided to go back to the first show of 1972.. January 2nd, 1972.. As Bill Graham says in his introduction 'there aren't many groups that would get us to come out on January 2nd'.. but I bet the folks who came out on this night were glad they did as they turn in a sparkling performance, highlighted, for me, by some great work by Pigpen.
At the beginning of what will be a monumental year in Dead history, the band brings us a ripping first set which we are fortunate to have in a great soundboard recording. Mr. Charlie, Jack Straw, Big Railroad Blues and Next Time You See Me are just a few of the highlights here. Playing in the Band is here as a first set number; it hadn't yet developed into the monster jam vehicle it would become later in the  year, but still nicely played. I'll bring us set 2 next week..

Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA (1/2/72)

Mr. Charlie
Beat it on Down the Line
Jack Straw
Chinatown Shuffle
Tennessee Jed
El Paso
You Win Again
Big Railroad Blues
Mexicali Blues
Playing in the Band
Next Time You See Me
Brown Eyed Women
Casey Jones

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