Friday, January 30, 2009

Dead Show/podcast for 1/30/09

This week I have a real high energy set to fight off those winter doldrums..
this comes to us from 4/30/81 - Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro NC.. I really enjoy the sound of this show and think you will too - the Alabama Getaway is especially hot!

Grateful Dead Greensboro Coliseum Greensboro, NC
4/30/81 - Thursday
One Jack Straw [5:17] ; Peggy-O [6:24] > C C Rider [7:56] ; Alabama Getaway [4:49] > Greatest Story Ever Told [3:46] ; Loser [6:53] ; Looks Like Rain [7:47] ; China Cat Sunflower [6:14] > I Know You Rider [5:27]

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

thanks to all of you who've sent me good wishes - I really appreciate it..

be well and enjoy the show!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dead Show/podcast for 1/23/09

Hello Friends!!
Despite my general state of confusion and uncertainty following my move I decided to share some Grateful Dead music in which I found some comfort this last week..
Not surprisingly, its from 1973 - its not a complete show, but nevertheless I so enjoy the way the band listened to each other and interacted that year that I decided to bring it to you this week.. I think you'll really enjoy the China Doll, Truckin'->Nobody's Fault->Eyes segment in particular...

Grateful Dead Pittsburgh Civic Arena Pittsburgh, PA 9/24/73 - Monday

Partial 1st Set: Loose Lucy [6:47] ; Looks Like Rain [7:21] ; Row Jimmy ; Big River [4:35]
Partial 2nd Set: Merry-Go-Round Broke Down ->Greatest Story Ever Told [5:09] ; China Doll [5:41] ; Truckin' [9:02] > Nobody's Fault But Mine* [3:20] > Jam [0:58] > Eyes Of The World [13:34]+
+ = with Martin Fierro and Joe Ellis on horns
* = first Nobody's Fault since 7/17/66 [799 shows]

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

thanks so much for being here and for your support - not sure what I would do without the Deadpod!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dead Show/podcast for 01/16/09

This week we have the pleasure of listening to the 2nd, electric set of this wonderful show from July 14th, 1970 at the Euphoria Ballroom in San Rafael CA.

Despite a few flaws (amazingly few I think for a show that happened over 38 years ago :) I think you'll enjoy this fine set. I always treasure a good 'Easy Wind' and the Cryptical->Other One->Cryptical is wild, young Dead at its best..then we get a Cosmic Charlie!

Grateful Dead
Euphoria Ballroom San Rafael, CA
Date 7/14/70 - Tuesday
Casey Jones [4:28] ; [0:08] % [0:14] El Paso [5:38] ; [0:28] ; China Cat Sunflower [3:30] > Jam [2:29] > I Know You Rider [4:22] ; [0:09] % Easy Wind [#2:40] ; [0:09] % [0:04] Me And My Uncle [3:26] ; [0:04] ; Cryptical Envelopment [2:01] > Drums [7:04] > The Other One [10:12] > Cryptical Envelopment [5:18] > Cosmic Charlie [7:58] ; [0:13] % [0:04] ; Drums [0:52] > Good Lovin' [1:54] > Drums [0:08] > Good Lovin'[3:#23] > Uncle John's Band [7:20] ; [0:04]

You can listen to the Deadpod here:

On a personal note, this marks the last Deadpod to come to you from my home for the last 28 years, Columbia Missouri. I am relocating to Lansing Michigan this week, and so there may be a week or two sabbatical as I try to get oriented to my new surroundings. This means saying good-bye to my good friends at KOPN, 89.5 FM. While I have some hopes of continuing our relationship, I want everyone there to know how much I love them and thank them for all their support over the years!
I do hope to continue broadcasting the Deadpod from Michigan, thanks to the kind support of my wonderful listeners.. thanks so much!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Dead Show/podcast for 1/9/09

Hello Friends!
This week we have the pleasure of listening to a newly released version of a classic 1970 Dead show - this one is from the Euphoria Ballroom, San Rafael CA, 7/14/70..
We'll listen to the first set this week, then the 'electric' set next week....
note that the last two songs in this set, New Speedway Boogie and Cumberland Blues, supposedly feature David Crosby on 12 string.. also note that the first song, Don't Ease Me In, is from an audience source with degraded sound.. sorry, but felt it was best to leave it in..

Grateful Dead
Euphoria Ballroom San Rafael, CA
Date 7/14/70 - Tuesday
One [53:10 +] Don't Ease Me In [2:59] ; [0:05] % Friend Of The Devil [3:28] ; [2:00] ; Dire Wolf [3:56] ; [0:10] % [3:32 Intro etc.] ; Dark Hollow [3:02] ; [0:04] % Candyman [#4:42] % [0:08] ; Black Peter [6:38] % [0:04] ; How Long Blues [3:07] ; [0:12] % [0:07] ; Deep Elem Blues [3:17] % [0:04] % Cumberland Blues [5:30] % New Speedway Boogie [9:04]

You can download the deadpod here:

Thanks so much for your support.... Enjoy!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Dead Show/podcast for 1/2/09

Happy New Year everyone!
This week I'll bring you the second set from December 30th 1990 at Oakland CA.
A great set list, and if you like shows with Bruce Hornsby sitting in I think you'll find this to be a good one. A really nice example of one of the more high energy shows of a generally well played year.

Please Note: I've uploaded a corrected version of this set - I mistakenly omitted the Playin' In the Band - it should now be corrected - my appologies!

Grateful Dead Coliseum Arena Oakland, CA 12/30/90 - Sunday
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo > Looks Like Rain ; Crazy Fingers > Playing In The Band > Drums > Space > Terrapin Station > Sugar Magnolia
Encore U.S. Blues

You can hear the deadpod here:

Many thanks for your support - I do hope you have a great 2009!