Friday, February 26, 2016

Dead Show/podcast for 2/26/16

This sweet second set from 1973 will close out the month of February 2016 for the Deadpod.
Judging from the length of this set I assume this is really not the entire set, however what we have is very pleasing indeed.. Starting off with an early 'Wave That Flag' the boys move through a 'Me and My Uncle' into a well-played if short for the period 'Dark Star'. That moves into an exceptional 'Eyes of the World' .. while not unusual for the period the music excellence here makes me happy every time I hear it. China Doll follows.. enough said.
The boys rock it out following that with an Around and Around, Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad and One More Saturday Night before returning for a Casey Jones encore..
Great sounding Dead here..

Grateful Dead
Assembly Hall - University Of Illinois
Champaign-Urbana, IL
2/22/73 - Thursday

Wave That Flag [5:40] %
Me And My Uncle [2:41] %
Dark Star [14:38] >
Eyes Of The World [15:42] >
China Doll [6:36];[0:16] ;
Around And Around [4:34];[0:17] %
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [7:44] >
One More Saturday Night [4:20]
Encore Casey Jones [6:06]

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Dead Show/podcast for 2/19/16

This week's Deadpod really comes from one of my favorite years for the band - 1973. This show comes from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana IL, from February 22nd, 1973. The first set starts out with a great rocking version of 'Promised Land' followed by a nice, bright version of 'They Love Each Other'. 'El Paso' follows - check out Phils' bass lines on this one, it too rocks.. Jerry brings out a fabulous 'Deal', with an excellent solo to follow. 'Looks Like Rain' follows a great 'Beer Barrel Polka' tuning. Jerry does an animated 'Tennesse Jed' and Phil follows that with a well done 'Box of Rain'. The 'Playin' in the Band' that follows lets the band spread their jazzy wings a bit and is very enjoyable to my ears.

Grateful Dead
Assembly Hall - University Of Illinois
Champaign-Urbana, IL
2/22/73 - Thursday
The Promised Land [3:00] ;
They Love Each Other [5:19] ;
El Paso [4:26] ;
Bird Song [10:44] ;
Mexicali Blues ;
Deal ;
Looks Like Rain [6:29] ;
Tennessee Jed [7:41] ;
Box Of Rain [4:45] ;
Playin' In The Band [17:23] ;

These four songs are reported to follow but do not exist on any circulating tape:
Row Jimmy [7:48] ;
You Ain't Woman Enough [2:06] ;
China Cat Sunflower [6:53] >
I Know You Rider [4:42]

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Dead Show/podcast for 2/12/16

Happy Valentines' Day Weekend! This week's second set from Lake Placid New York, October 17th, 1983 should bring a warm smile to any lover's heart as it contains a really wonderful 'To Lay Me Down'.. one of the most romantic of all Garcia's songs. Of course I don't want to minimize the enjoyment the remainder of this set will bring you. They start off with 'Touch', then move into 'Samson and Delilah'.. then the aforesaid 'To Lay Me Down' starts a nice combination as it rolls into 'Man Smart (Woman Smarter)' and Terrapin Station pre-Drums. Following Space, we get a fine version of 'The Wheel', a rocking 'Miracle' then they 'Go Down the Road Feelin' Bad' into a set-closing 'Good Lovin' That one features some interesting improvisation by Bobby.. listen for it..
They return for an unusual 'Revolution' encore to finish their one and only trip to the Olympic Arena in Lake Placid..

Grateful Dead
Olympic Arena
Lake Placid, NY
10/17/83 - Monday
Touch Of Grey [6:24] ;
Samson And Delilah [8:48] ;
To Lay Me Down [8:55] >
Man Smart (Woman Smarter) [7:05] ;
Terrapin Station [11:20#] >
Drums >
Space [11:05] >
The Wheel [6:49] >
I Need A Miracle [4:32] >
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [7:05] >
Good Lovin' [7:38]
Encore  Revolution [5:08]

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Friday, February 05, 2016

Dead Show/podcast for 2/5/16

Here's a request from one of our listeners.. I could've sworn that I'd featured this one before but since I can't find in the archives I'm going to assume that's just a result of some busted synapses ;)
This one, from Lake Placid, NY, October 17th, 1983 is most renowned for this blistering opening 'Sugaree', which clocks in at over 16 minutes. The remainder of this first set is quite good as well, with highlights coming from a solid Brother Esau, Bird Song and Deal.. I think you'll enjoy this and I'm looking forward to next week's 2nd set as well, which features a great 'To Lay Me Down'..

Grateful Dead
Olympic Arena
Lake Placid, NY
10/17/83 - Monday


Sugaree [16:10] >
Little Red Rooster [8:56] ;
Friend Of The Devil [8:59] ;
My Brother Esau [5:23] ;
Bird Song [12:19] ;
Hell In A Bucket [6:19] >
Deal [10:27]

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