Friday, October 26, 2012

Dead Show/podcast for 10/26/12

I know that I may have featured too many shows this year from 1972 (is that possible?) but being that its the 40th anniversary of these shows I'm naturally led to take a look at them and often I'm drawn by their quality. 1972 was a wonderful year.. this week I decided to feature this show from the weekend before Halloween due principle to the fact that I really really want to play the Dark Star from set 2.. sometimes this desire to feature a particular segment or song from a show might cause me to feature some music that might not quite measure up.. I suppose that is the completest in me that prefers to feature whole shows rather than 'parts'. This week I'm playing set 1 of this show despite some sound issues with the mix - the vocals are often too low in the mix. Nevertheless the playing is first rate, as is the typically superb song selection. I hope you'll overlook the issues with the mix as I do, in anticipation of the wonderful Dark Star that awaits next week - besides this is a first rate set... :)

Grateful Dead 
Cleveland Public Hall 
10/28/72 - Saturday 

The Promised Land ;     
Friend Of The Devil ; 
Jack Straw ; 
China Cat Sunflower >   
I Know You Rider ; 
Mexicali Blues ; 
Box Of Rain ; 
Me And Bobby McGee ; 
Candyman ; 
Me And My Uncle ; 
Sugaree ; 
Playing In The Band ;
I really hope that you enjoy this one, in my mind, (and I'm probably biased as I 
grew up near Cleveland) 
the band really played some fine music here... 
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Dead Show/podcast for 10/19/12

Those of you who are regular listeners of the Deadpod know that I generally can only go so long between regular doses of the Jerry Band..something told me the time was up this week so I went looking for a rocking JGB set to bring you and came across this recommendation.
Although advertised as an audience tape, I suspect this could be a matrix. While I'm not completely happy with how distant some of the vocals sound, I'm quite pleased with the sonic quality of the music - I hope you will be as well.
As for the preformance, the After Midnight->Eleanor Rigby->After Midnight, while perhaps not quite up to Keane College standards, is still very worth listening to.

Jerry Garcia Band
The Stone, San Francisco, CA  

(set 1)
That's What Love Will Make You Do 
Simple Twist Of Fate
Tore Up Over You 
(set 2)
I'll Take A Melody 
How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You
After Midnight >
Eleanor Rigby Jam > 
After Midnight
When I Paint My Masterpiece >
Midnight Moonlight 
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Dead Show/podcast for 10/12/12

This is a fine second set from the Fall of 1976 - enjoy this one along with the fine
Fall weather.. I especially recommend that you savor the wonderful Slipknot.. 
as well as the Franklin's Tower that follows.. this is really an under appreciated gem. 
The Dancin'->Drums->Wheel->Ship is not only unusual but very nicely done, 
especially the Ship of Fool.. this one makes a truly wierd but wonderful transition
 back into the Dancin' reprise..
 There's no point in describing the GDTRFB.. listen to it.. 
You'll love the rockin' end to this show.. 
ACK - I just noticed that I introduced the show saying it was for October 1, 2012..
 of course its not..
today is October 12!! Don't let that throw you off.. it is the correct show. 

Grateful Dead - October 1, 1976Market Square Arena - Indianapolis, IN
Two: Might As Well ; Samson And Delilah  Help On The Way; Slipknot! 
 Franklin's Tower ; Dancing In The Street  Drums; The Wheel ; Ship Of Fools;
 Dancing In The Street ; Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad; One More Saturday Night
 Encore: U.S. Blues 
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Friday, October 05, 2012

Dead Show/podcast for 10/5/12

Fall of 1976 was an excellent period for the band and this week's show is a nod to the
upcoming release of 'Dave's Picks' 4' as well as a great representation of this tour, as 
we travel to Indianapolis for a show that took place on October 1st, 1976. 
We will hear the first set this week, and while it does take a song or two for the band
to really rev up, I think by the time Deal arrives we know we're in for a good show. 
My personal highlights include the Brown Eyed women and of course, the rare first-set
Scarlet Begonias. 
This is a really interesting time for the group as they are moving from the slower more
jazzy improvisational pieces and developing the tighter rhythmic structures that we know and love
in 1977. 
I hope you enjoy this week's Deadpod..  
Grateful Dead - October 1, 1976
Market Square Arena - Indianapolis, IN

Set 1:

Mama Tried
Friend Of The Devil
Big River
Brown Eyed Women
It's All Over Now
Scarlet Begonias
Promised Land 
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