Friday, October 25, 2013

Dead Show/podcast for 10/25/13

What a soulful Jerry Band set to warm you up on this late October weekend.. Of course this is the 2nd set from the show we started last week, Jerry's comeback on 10/31/92 in Oakland. I really enjoyed listening to this one. It starts out with a killer Shining Star.. nice and slow... then one of my favorites, Jerry's cover of Van Morrison's 'And It Stoned Me', this one always pulls on the heartstrings.. Next up is a song that Jerry covered in his later years, but sounds like it was meant for him, Roy Rodgers and Norton Buffalo's 'Ain't No Bread in the Breadbox'.. here Jerry really gets warmed up on the guitar.. he follows it with the always rockin' 'Tore Up Over You'.. The almost spiritual 'Waiting For A Miracle' then 'My Sisters and Brothers' gives the show that gospel flavor. Tangled Up in Blue shows why Garcia was always a masterful interpreter of Dylan.
Of course its Halloween, Jerry doesn't disappoint with the wonderful Warren Zevon's 'Werewolves of London'..

Jerry Garcia Band
Saturday, Oct 31, 1992
Oakland Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA

- Set 2 -
Shining Star
And It Stoned Me
Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox
Wonderful World
Tore Up Over You
Waiting For A Miracle
My Sisters And Brothers
Tangled Up In Blue

- Encore -
Werewolves Of London

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Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Dead Show/podcast for 10/18/13

Here's a show that I've been wanting to play for some time, and maybe I've jumped the Halloween gun by a week or so but I wanted to play all of this before the 31st.. this one took place back in 1992.. Jerry got very sick after the summer tour and the band had to cancel their entire fall tour. Deadheads were all extremely concerned but of course Jerry recovered and this week's show marked his return to the stage.. a Halloween performance at the Oakland Coliseum Arena with the Jerry Garcia Band. I remember how excited I was that Jerry was back on stage and how happy I was to get and listen to this tape. As you all know, I love to share some Jerry Band with my friends here on the Deadpod and I thought it was about time to do so again.. I sure hope you enjoy it..

Jerry Garcia Band
Saturday, Oct 31, 1992
Oakland Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA

- Set 1 -
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
Stop That Train
The Maker
You Never Can Tell
Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Lay Down Sally

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Dead Show/podcast for 10/11/13

Whether it was the fact that my mind has been turned toward this era of Dead by the release and success of  'Sunshine Daydream' or the fact that I"m not really ready to face another Winter, I ran into discussion of this gem of a show and decided I had to feature it on this week's Deadpod. This is the 2nd set of a show that took place just after the band came back to the States from their famous 1972 tour of Europe, July 16th, 1972 at Dillon Stadium in Hartford Connecticut. While we only have the 2nd set in decent soundboard quality (and even then there is an audience patch in the Not Fade Away), this is still a gem that every fan of the era should get to hear.
This starts out with a Truckin' into a fabulous Other One.. this slowly turns into a wonderful jam that leads us into a very nice He's Gone.. The Looks Like Rain and Sugar Magnolia that follow are fine, but the highlight of the show follows when the band is joined by Dickey Betts and Berry Oakley for a blistering Not Fade Away and Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad. Just when you think the music couldn't possibly go further, they raise it up a notch with a smoking Hey, Bo Diddley..!  The band comes out for a Johnny B Goode encore but by then I can't imagine the fans could ask for much more..

Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT (7/16/72)

The Other One
He's Gone
The Other One
Looks Like Rain
Sugar Magnolia
Not Fade Away
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad
Hey Bo Diddley

Johnny B. Goode

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Friday, October 04, 2013

Dead Show/podcast for 10/4/13

This week's Deadpod features this fine second set from October 21st, 1983 from the Centrum in Worcester MA.  While the Scarlet->Fire might be the highlight of this set (be sure and pay attention to the transition and to Jerry on that Fire), the Uncle John's -> Playin' is almost as great. Personally I'm a fan of the space in this set.. I think you'l hear some elements of Sage and Spirit in there and its very well played.. especially the jam into Truckin'.. Wharf Rat is always a treat for me, and the rest of the set sends the fans home dancin'..

The Centrum, Worcester, MA (10/21/83)
Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Uncle John's Band
Playin' in the Band
Wharf Rat
I Need a Miracle
Touch of Grey

Johnny B. Goode

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