Friday, March 28, 2008

Dead show podcast for 3/28/08

This week a truly great show suggested by one of my wonderful listeners in honor of the passing of Martin Fierro - The Spectrum, September 21st, 1973. Although Martin doesn't play sax until the second set I couldn't bare to not play the entire show so we will get to his performance next week. This week, I hope you enjoy the wonderful and well-played first set, including such gems as "Here Comes Sunshine", and "Black Peter". Jerry and Keith in particular shine in this first set.....

Grateful Dead The Spectrum Philadelphia, PA
Date 9/21/73 - Friday
One Big Railroad Blues ; Me And My Uncle ; Brown Eyed Women ; Beat It On Down The Line ; Sugaree ; Big River ; Here Comes Sunshine ; El Paso ; Loose Lucy ; Jack Straw ; Black Peter ; Playing In The Band

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dead Show podcast for 03/21/08

Hello Friends!
This week we'll listen to the conclusion of the Dead's show at Alpine Valley on August 8th, 1982. I think you'll really enjoy the wonderful Scarlet Begonias, the crazy drums with guest Zakir Hussein, as well as John Cipollina's guest guitar work on "The Other One", "Wharf Rat" and "Not Fade Away". Check out the crazy version of Satisfaction as well.. Whew! :)

Just a note, my computer that I usually use to put together the show fried its motherboard this week - I had to use a different one to get the Deadpod together - if you notice any problems please let me know.

Grateful Dead
Venue Alpine Valley Music Theatre East Troy, WI 8/8/82 - Sunday
Scarlet Begonias [9:55] > Fire On The Mountain [13:48] > Estimated Prophet [14:27] > Jam (1) [3:27] > Drums [8:#02] > Space [4:14] > The Other One [6:51] > Not Fade Away [4:49] > Wharf Rat [9:01] > Good Lovin' [8:21]
Encore (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction [7:15] > Brokedown Palace [5:05#]

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Enjoy Spring! Thanks for listening and for your support!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 03/14/08

This week we get a nice recording of a wonderful early 80's show - this one comes to us from Alpine Valley, August the 8th, 1982. This week we'll hear the first set (and the opener of the 2nd), next week we'll finish up the show.. I really enjoyed the Alabama Getaway openers of this period and this is no exception. I also think you'll like the Little Red Rooster, Looks Like Rain and Peggy-O in this first set for sure. Samson and Delilah close out the set in an unusual position for this song, but one that works well. There are a few flubs and recording problems - the Loser is cut at the beginning unfortunately - but nevertheless an enjoyable listen, I think.

Grateful Dead Alpine Valley Music Theatre East Troy, WI
8/8/82 - Sunday
One Alabama Getaway [4:47] > The Promised Land [4:27] ; They Love Each Other [8:18] ; Mama Tried [2:44] > Mexicali Blues [5:02] ; Loser [#4:33] ; Little Red Rooster [7:49] ; Brown Eyed Women [5:25] > Looks Like Rain [8:26] ; Peggy-O [7:06] ; Samson And Delilah [7:47]
Two Far From Me

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Be well friends and thanks for your support..

Friday, March 07, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 3/7/08

This week we'll listen to the remainder of the Dead's performance at Cal Expo, August 6th, 1989. The rest of this second set is a pleasure to listen to - highlighted by a wonderful 'Other One'.
I've also been told that its a sure sign that the band enjoyed themselves when they encore with 'Johnny B. Goode' :)

Grateful Dead Cal Expo Amphitheatre Sacramento, CA 8/6/89 - Sunday

Samson And Delilah [6:27] % Ship Of Fools [7:29] ; Man Smart (Woman Smarter) [8:13] > Drums [8:49] > Space [7:33] > I Will Take You Home [3:53] > The Other One [9:13] > Wharf Rat [9:39] > Turn On Your Lovelight [6:08]
Encore Johnny B. Goode [3:24] > And We Bid You Good Night [2:29]

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Thanks for your support, and have a great week!