Friday, April 27, 2012

Dead Show/podcast for 4/27/12

This week's Deadpod came about, as they often do, due to several synchronistic events, a listener request, the immanent release of Dave's Picks Vol 2, and of course my own partiality for shows of this era. This week's show comes from the City of Roses, Portland Oregon and took place on May 19th, 1974. One of the early wall of sound shows, I think this is a wonderful representation of the band at this time of their history. This first set features some great Garcia riffs on these first set classic songs, as well as a very rare 'Money Money' (one of only three times they played the tune.) The highlight for me of this set comes with the closing China->Rider. Listen to Kreutzmann's drumming especially on this transition.. its really wonderful.

Grateful Dead - May 19, 1974
Portland Coliseum - Portland, OR

Set 1:
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
Mexicali Blues
Big Railroad Blues
Black Throated Wind
Scarlet Begonias
Beat It On Down The Line
Tennessee Jed
Me And Bobby McGee
Jack Straw
It Must Have Been The Roses
El Paso
Loose Lucy
Money Money
China Cat Sunflower ->
I Know You Rider

 I happened to receive 3 complete copies of Europe '72 - both the remastered 3 cd original release (with 7 bonus songs) and the newly released Europe '72 vol 2 CD . I'd like to offer the complete package to anyone who'd like to donate $50 or more to the Deadpod. If you aren't interested in both, just drop me an email and if I still have them I'd be happy to work something out. I'm hoping they might raise a little money for the Deadpod. Thanks!

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Dead Show/podcast for 4/20/12

This week I reached back to find a show befitting the 4/20 occasion and decided that despite its flaws only April 20th, 1969 would do. This one has been on the request list for some time, but it is a gas. This is of course a great example of 'good ol' Grateful Dead' with Pigpen featured prominently on Good Morning Little Schoolgirl and Lovelight, but it also includes a mind-bending Dark Star, a wonderful St. Stephen and a pair of wonderful encores - Dupree's Diamond Blues and Mountains of the Moon... not to mention the always powerful 'Death Don't Have No Mercy'..

Granted the recording suffers from some hiss in spots and doesn't have quite the headroom I would like, but if you let yourself explore where this wild band of outlaws takes you on this evening 43 years ago I'm sure you'll smile.............

Grateful Dead
Clark University
Worcester. MA

Tuning 02:13
Morning Dew 09:38
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 10:43
Doin' That Rag 06:25
Dark Star > 21:16
St Stephen > 06:17
The Eleven > 06:44
Death Don't Have Mercy 10:00
Lovelight 22:38
E1:Dupree's Diamond Blues > 03:46
E2:Mountains Of The Moon 05:12

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Sending out light to Levon Helm this week....may his passage be a peaceful one.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Dead show/podcast for 4/13/12

This week's Deadpod features the second set from the band's performance on April 21st, 1978 at Rupp Arena on the University of Kentucky campus in Lexington, Kentucky. While the reports I've read on this show indicate that it was not nearly full, the band puts out a top-notch effort and delivers a fun and well-played second set. Highlights for me include the outstanding Stella Blue (this is the version included on 'So Many Roads', the 'Staying Alive' jam out of drums, the Playin' in the Band (and the reprise) and of course, Werewolves of London.. Enjoy my friends!

Grateful Dead - April 21, 1978
Rupp Arena - Lexington, KY
Set 2:
Samson And Delilah
Ship Of Fools
Playing In The Band ->
Drums ->
Jam ->
Stella Blue ->
Playing In The Band

Werewolves Of London

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Check out the new 40th anniversary Europe 72 links and stay tuned for more goodies from Europe 72!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Dead show/podcast for 4/6/12

As I listened again to last week's 'pod I decided that it was time to change things up for this week - (frankly I was less happy with the audio quality on that show than I wanted to be) so I'm bringing you a show with a nod to the University of Kentucky -this year's Men's NCAA Basketball Champions. This show took place back in the spring of 1978 - on April 21st, 1978. I think its strong throughout - aside from the loss of a bit of Dire Wolf - and of excellent sonic quality. Jerry is on his game this night and I am sure that this set will put a smile on your face.

Grateful Dead - April 21, 1978
Rupp Arena - Lexington, KY

Set 1:
The Promised Land
//Dire Wolf
Mama Tried ->
Mexicali Blues
Ramble On Rose
Funiculi Funicula
Row Jimmy
It's All Over Now
Brown Eyed Women
The Music Never Stopped

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