Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 06/29/07

This week we get to listen to the remainder of the incredible 2nd set from Red Rocks on 7/8/78.. This set is highlighted by a incendiary Estimated Prophet, a near-perfect Wharf Rat and in an very rare triple-encore, perhaps the best version ever of Warren Zevon's Warewolves of London.. I'm certain you'll enjoy this one and I hope it starts off your 4th of July celebrations on just the right note!

Grateful Dead Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, CO
7/8/78 - Saturday
Set 2 (cont): Estimated Prophet [12:58] > The Other One [8:48] > Eyes Of The World [10:47] > Drums [11:21] > Space [3:57] > Wharf Rat [8:25] > Franklin's Tower [10:21] > Sugar Magnolia[8:46]
Encore Terrapin Station [10:14] > One More Saturday Night [4:29] ; Werewolves Of London [6:08]

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Thanks as always for your support! Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 06/22/07

Summer is here.. and the time is right for some classic summertime shows.. This week by request I'm bringing you one of the all-time great shows from a much beloved venue.. Red Rocks. While this is a well-known recording the top-notch quality of the performance persuaded me that you'll enjoy listening... Bob's guitar is very much up in the mix and is a treat to hear his unique playing. Jerry's voice is clear as a bell..
I hope you enjoy it!

Grateful Dead Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, CO
Date 7/8/78 - Saturday
One Bertha [6:48] > Good Lovin' [6:15] ; Dire Wolf [3:58] ; El Paso [4:12]; It Must Have Been The Roses [6:47] ; New Minglewood Blues [5:42] ; Ramble On Rose [7:53] ; The Promised Land [4:07] ; Deal [6:03]
Two Samson And Delilah [6:59] ; Ship Of Fools [7:19]

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I also wanted to thank all of you who entered the contest for David Dodd's fine book, the Complete Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics.. I've drawn the winner's and sent them their books. I only wish that I could have had more books so that everyone who entered received one. Thank you all for your very kind comments!!

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 06/15/07

As promised, this week we're going to hear the second set from July 31st 1988 at Laguna Seca Recreational area in Monteray CA. This is a fine second set, featuring a good Terrapin Station, some great MIDI effects in space, and a well-played Morning Dew.
I hope you enjoy it!

Grateful Dead Laguna Seca Raceway Monterey , CA
Date 7/31/88 - Sunday
Two Hell In A Bucket > Foolish Heart > Man Smart, Woman Smarter > Terrapin Station > I Will Take You Home > Drums > Space > The Other One > I Need A Miracle > Morning Dew
Encore In The Midnight Hour

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Also there is still time to enter the contest for a copy of David Dodd's great book "The Complete Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics". I'll be accepting entries through Sunday, June 17th at for your chance to win!

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 06/08/07

This week we have a wonderful show from the Summer of 1988, PLUS a chance for you to win a great book!
First off, we're going to hear the first set from 7/31/88, Laguna Seca. This set features David Hildago of Los Lobos sitting in on Little Red Rooster and a very hot West LA Fadeaway, then a rare 'Gentlemen Start Your Engines'.. Next week I'll bring you the second set..

Grateful Dead Laguna Seca Raceway Monterey , CA
Date 7/31/88 - Sunday
One Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo ; Little Red Rooster [1] ; West L.A. Fadeaway [1] ; Me And My Uncle > Big River ; Ramble On Rose ; Gentlemen Start Your Engines ; When I Paint My Masterpiece ; Bird Song

As always you can hear the Deadpod here:

But that's not all! I've been fortunate enough to receive 10 copies of the wonderful book by David Dodd: The Complete Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics.
Not only does this 500+ page book contain the lyrics of all of the original GD compositions (and many of the covers), but it also contains a huge wealth of background information on the sources and meaning of the characters and references in the songs. Its a hugely fun read, and all you have to do to have a chance to win your copy is to send me an email at:
I'll pick the winners at random next week!

More information on The Complete Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics can be found here.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Special Deadpod interview - Lee Johnson

Hello Friends!
An extra deadpod this week - this is an interview that I had with Lee Johnson, Conductor and composer of Dead Symphony #6.
Mr. Johnson talks about the process of bringing the Grateful Dead into the classical world and about why he thought their work merited being made into a symphony. I've provided several musical samples of the work as well, so you can hear just what a great job he did on this project.
Dead Symphony #6 is available at

You can hear this special deadpod here:

Friday, June 01, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 06/01/07

This week's Deadpod features a wonderful show from May of 1970.. While recordings from this great year of performances are much too rare we have the good fortune of listening to both the first acoustic set and part of the third, electric set. I just love listening to this primal, energetic, engaging Dead.. I hope you do as well..

Grateful Dead - 5/1/70 - Friday
Alfred State College - Alfred, NY

One: The Race Is On [2:38] ; Wake Up Little Susie [2:41] % New Speedway Boogie [8:00] ; [2:19] ; Cold Jordan [2:35] ; [0:23] ; Uncle John's Band [6:02] ; [0:08]
Three [1:00:05 +] Drums [0:14] > Not Fade Away [8:16] ; [1:15] ; Hard To Handle [6:37] ; [1:21] ; Cryptical Envelopment [2:05] > Drums [2:06] > The Other One [0:16# + #9:28] > Cryptical Envelopment [7:47] ; [0:20] ; High Time [6:53] ; [0:17] % Turn On Your Lovelight [16:53]

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