Friday, August 29, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 8/29/08

This week, the conclusion of their powerful set from 7/31/74. What a time to be a Deadhead! This show featured 3 powerful sets - this week we'll listen to the end of set 2, and all of set 3.. There's plenty of wonderful jamming and singing on these songs - I especially love the 'Ramble on Rose' and 'To Lay Me Down' - and be sure to listen to the 'Mind Left Body jam' after 'Truckin' - great stuff!!

Grateful Dead Dillon Stadium Hartford, CT 7/31/74 - Wednesday
Ship Of Fools [5:58] ; Weather Report Suite Prelude [1:18] > Weather Report Suite Part 1 [4:16] > Let It Grow [11:11]
Three El Paso [4:04] ; Ramble On Rose [6:04] ; Greatest Story Ever Told [5:39]; To Lay Me Down [7:34] ; Truckin' [17:04] > Mind Left Body Jam [7:22] > Spanish Jam [5:27] > Wharf Rat [9:38] ; U.S. Blues [5:15] ; One More Saturday Night
Encore Uncle John's Band

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend and see you back here next week!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 8/22/08

This week's Deadpod goes back to the fabulous summer of 1974 - I think its clear from listening to this show that the band is really putting out some fabulous music.
Not only is the show distinguished by an opening Scarlet Begonias, but I think you'll agree that the China-Rider and the Eyes are distinguished by their intensity and beauty..

Grateful Dead Dillon Stadium Hartford, CT 7/31/74 - Wednesday
One Scarlet Begonias [8:06] ; Me And My Uncle [2:53] ; Brown Eyed Women [4:52] ; Beat It On Down The Line [3:20] ; Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo [8:24] > It Must Have Been The Roses [5:19] ; Mexicali Blues [3:26] ; Row Jimmy [7:57#] ; Jack Straw [4:52] ; China Cat Sunflower [9:27] > I Know You Rider [5:05] ; Around And Around [4:54]
Two Bertha [5:14] ; Big River [4:52] ; Eyes Of The World [17:46] > China Doll [4:21] ; The Promised Land [2:58]

We'll hear the rest of this fabulous show next week...

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 8/15/08

Those of you who follow the Deadpod know that I often prefer to play lesser known performances rather than very well known ones. There's often lots of surprises there to be heard - but there's nothing wrong with bringing out the well-known and loved dates sometimes either. This week I'm playing one of the those - this one a live "free concert" from the "hiatus" of 1975 - Sept. 28th, 1975 from Golden Gate Park. The difficulty here was in choosing between the sources - a very good audience or the existing soundboard. I went with the soundboard but with some reservations. The energy and playing of this performance are over the top - I hope you enjoy it!!

Grateful Dead
Lindley Meadows - Golden Gate Park San Francisco, CA Date 9/28/75 - Sunday
One Help On The Way > Slipknot! ; The Music Never Stopped ; They Love Each Other ; Beat It On Down The Line ; Franklin's Tower ; Big River ; It Must Have Been The Roses ; Truckin' > Jam (1) > Drums > Stronger Than Dirt Or Milkin' The Turkey > Not Fade Away > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad > One More Saturday Night

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Friday, August 08, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 8/08/08

Somehow the fact that this is a partial show .. all that exists from a phenomenal performance - befits the significance of the date.

I am honored to be able to keep bringing this music to you, my friends, and I hope as you listen to this set and reflect on Garcia that you feel the light of the love which is the Grateful Dead fill you.

Grateful Dead Berkeley Community Theatre Berkeley, CA
8/25/72 - Friday
One (1) Cold Rain And Snow [5:51] ; (2) Black Throated Wind [5:56] ; He's Gone [8:42] (3) ; (4) Beat It On Down The Line [3:08] ; Loser [6:27] ; The Frozen Logger [0;39] ; (5) El Paso [4:36] ; Black Peter ; Jack Straw ; Friend Of The Devil ; The Promised Land ; Bird Song ; Playing In The Band ; Bertha
Two Truckin' > Jam > The Other One

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