Friday, December 30, 2005

Dead Show/podcast for 12/30/05

Happy New Year!!
I hope everyone has a safe and happy New year! And of course, how could I let the occassion pass without sharing some great NYE Dead..
this one is from NYE, the Cow Palace:
Sugar Magnolia [8:43] >
Eyes Of The World [12:35] >
Wharf Rat [13:07] >
Drums [1:11] >
Good Lovin' [2:31] >
Samson And Delilah [12:07]
Scarlet Begonias [12:02]

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Dead Show/podcast for 12/23/05

Merry Christmas friends!
Tonight, the 2nd set from the wonderful Garcia/Grisman show played on 12/8/91, as well as a couple of special seasonal songs thrown in for laughs..
All the best and Happy Holidaze~

O Come All Ye Dead-heads, Bob Rivers Comedy Corp;
Garcia/Grisman: Red Rockin' Chair, Trouble In Mind, Sweet Sunny South, Walkin' Boss, Jack-A-Roe, Friend of the Devil, Louis Collins, Grateful Dawg, Russian Lullaby, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Ripple
Tom Waits: Silent Night->Xmas Card From a A Hooker In Minneapolis->Silent Night
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Friday, December 16, 2005

Dead Show/podcast for 12/16/05

Hello and Seasons' Greetings!
This week's podcast features part of a wonderful second set from 10/29/1977, I'm sure you'll enjoy it! Thanks for picking it up!

Grateful Dead Evans Field House - Northern Illinois University DeKalb, IL
Estimated Prophet [11:15] > Eyes Of The World [12:55] > Space [7:38] > Saint Stephen [8:03] > Drums [2:58] > Not Fade Away [7:32] > Black Peter [12:12]

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

A couple wonderful interviews with Jerry here at this site.. too bad there isn't more of this stuff out there, the man was such a great conversationalist.. check this out you'll enjoy it.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Dead Show/podcast for 12/09/05

This week's show features part of the second set of a fabulous show from 1971, I sure hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!!
Grateful Dead
Berkeley Community Theater
Berkeley, CA

Drumz--> [3:40]
The Other One--> [5:14]
Jam--> [7:47]
The Other One [4:08]
Me & Bobby McGee [6:56]
Sugar Magnolia [7:58]
Not Fade Away--> [5:53]
GDTRFB--> [9:54]
Not Fade Away [3:33]
Happy Birthday David Crosby [1:07]
// Uncle John's Band* [6:20]

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Dead Show/podcast for 12/02/05

What a crazy week in Dead-land eh?
Things aren't changing here as far as I know :) This week another quality set of Dead music.. Another request I had, for some accoustic Dead:
10/26/80 Radio City Music Hall NYC, NY
Disc 1
01. Iko Iko (06:45.44)
02. Dark Hollow (04:42.02)
03. It Must Have Been the Roses (07:13.09)
04. On The Road Again (04:14.34)
05. Jack A Roe (05:45.17)
06. Cassidy (05:51.48)
07. China Doll > (05:47.07)
08. Ripple (04:56.26)
09. Jack Straw > (06:15.27)
10. Sugaree (09:42.74)

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