Friday, June 27, 2014

Dead Show/podcast for 6/27/14

This week I received some requests for more from the Jerry Garcia Band.... While I had some reservations due to the fact that this week's show is only available from an audience source, I decided to go ahead and publish this smoker of a show from the summer of 1984.. This is the entire show, albeit there are some apparent splices and cuts I still think its outstanding. While both sets are outstanding, I'm confident in predicting that the Sugaree in set 2 will blow your socks off. About the time you catch your breath, listen to Jer on 'Get Out of My Life Woman'.. whew! This is a great show with a great backing lineup and I hope you can overlook the inherent limitations of the audience source and enjoy what must have been a spectacular show to have witnessed. 

Jerry Garcia Band
1984.08.13 Club Casino Ballroom - Hampton Beach, NH I&II [2] 32070
Set I
[11:03] //Cats Under The Stars
[16:08] //Knockin' On Heaven's Door
[12:07] I Second That Emotion//
[10:35] Mississippi Moon
[13:50] Tangled Up In Blue
Set II
[17:32] Sugaree
[05:19] Run For The Roses
[12:24] Get Out Of My Life Woman
[07:35] Midnight Moonlight

[14:17] //Rhapsody In Red//

Band: Jerry Garcia, Melvin Seals, John Kahn, DeeDee Dickerson, David Kemper, Jaclyn LaBranch

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Dead Show/podcast for 6/20/14

This week's Deadpod features the 2nd half of the electric set from June 6th, 1970 at the Fillmore West in San Francisco CA. There is some furious playing here - a wonderful jam that comes out of Alligator and into Lovelight. Pigpen is in his element here, and you'll enjoy him on this great Lovelight->Not Fade Away->Lovelight portion of the set.. Garcia is turning on a dime throughout and I think you'll appreciate the energy and rhythm of the set.. A great way to start off what I hope is a fine weekend!

Grateful Dead
6/6/70 Fillmore West
San Francisco, CA
set 2 - part 2

Dire Wolf [3:43] >
Drums [0:07] >
Alligator [3:42] >
Drums [6:00] >
Jam [8:30] >
Bid You Goodnite Jam [1:20] >
Darkness Jam [2:05] >
Jam [2:20] >
Turn On Your Love Light [23:#53] >
Not Fade Away [4:14] >
Turn On Your Love Light [8:55];[0:12][8:33]
Encore Uncle John's Band [6:08];[0:11]

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Dead Show/podcast for 6/13/14

I had several requests this week for some 'primal' Dead.. and so I thought I came upon this fine soundboard from the spring of 1970. While we only have the electric set its still a fine example of the boys in their early formative years and I'm hoping you'll really enjoy it.  This electric set is so long in fact, that I'm going to split it up so we will hear the 2nd part - including a fabulous version of 'Alligator' - next week. This week the set starts with a great Morning Dew.. the Dancin' in the Streets is a fine version including an interesting 'feelin' groovy' jam.. Jerry and Pig trade off verses on the 'Next Time You See Me' that follows, and then the boys really get rolling through China->Ride and Good Lovin'.. the 'New Orleans' that rocks out from drums is a real treat, then back into Good Lovin' and we'll close this portion of the set with the fine 'Attics'..

Fillmore West - San Francisco, CA

Electric set part 1: 

Morning Dew
Me And My Uncle
Casey Jones
Dancin' In The Streets
Next Time You See Me
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Good Lovin'
New Orleans
Good Lovin'
Attics Of My Life

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Friday, June 06, 2014

Dead Show/podcast for 6/6/14

This week's Deadpod features a fine second set from the band's return to the stage in 1976. I really like how they have changed up the set list here, and they start out with the debut performance of Samson and Delilah.
A nice, very new Crazy Fingers goes into a haunting Wharf Rat. Let It Grow follows and this second set spot suits the song in that the musicians have a chance to explore some new ground here. Roses comes out of drums and then (!) Around and Around. For me the highlight of this set follows, a slower more precise perhaps,  Help->Slip->Frank.. the jamming on this one is superb and its so easy to get lost in.. Saturday night ends the set and they return for an  unusual Wheel encore..

Paramount Theatre, Portland, Ore. (6/3/76)
set 2

Samson and Delilah
Crazy Fingers
Wharf Rat
Let it Grow
It Must Have Been the Roses
Around and Around
Help on the Way
Franklin's Tower
One More Saturday Night

The Wheel

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