Wednesday, September 08, 2004

random news..

Want to remind you that Ratdog will be playing at the Pageant in St. Louis on thursday Sept. 16th.. should be a great show. I'm still trying to decide whether or not to go, work night and all but would be well worth it I'm sure!

There's yet ANOTHER new Jerry Garica Band CD coming out, this one is called 'After Midnight' and features the spectacular show from Kean College in NJ, from 1980 (I think!!)... watch here for more details. Also yet ANOTHER incredible box set, this time the Arista releases with outtakes and unheard material will be out in time for Christmas, this one is entitled 'Beyond Description'.. and will run from 1973-1989 with remastered versions of all the Arista recordings.. Whew! who can afford all that!

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