Sunday, February 06, 2005

set list for the dead show 2/4/05

Grateful Dead
Venue Five Seasons Center
Location Cedar Rapids, IA
Date 7/4/84 - Wednesday
Two Help On The Way [3:11] > Slipknot! [7:04] > Franklin's Tower [10:19] ; Far From Me [4:33] ; Estimated Prophet [13:12] > He's Gone [14:01] > Other One Jam [1:30] > Drums [9:18]
encore: US Blues

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Glenn said...

An excellent show in a very strange place... Have you ever been to Cedar Rapids, dressed in tie dye and still reeling from an excellent show in KC... and on the way to Alpine.... It was an experience... but saddened by the bus accident and death... Cedar Rapids wasn't ready for us... I'm sure anyone from Cedar Rapids even attended the show... it was an epic caravan of freaks... The Franlin's Tower was one of the best in my memory... and Brent was really filling in the relief vocal with some grate stuff... The Four Seasons was a Holiday Inn... downtown, attached to a small Basketball court cum convention center... After the show were the usual cosmic casualities lying on the walkway connecting to the Inn... I maintain that summer tour was one of the strongest ever... and I have a couple of witnesses...