Friday, May 11, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 05/11/07

This week the second set from 5/8/77 one of the great shows from May of 1977. For many folks its the second set of any Dead show that is the heart of the performance and that is probably very true of this show. A magnificent Scarlet->Fire, Saint Stephen and Morning Dew make this set one for the ages....

Grateful Dead
Barton Hall - Cornell University Ithaca, NY 5/8/77 - Sunday
Two Scarlet Begonias [9:14] > Fire On The Mountain [15:21] ; Estimated Prophet [8:32] ; Saint Stephen [4:43] > Not Fade Away [16:22] > Saint Stephen [1:53] > Morning Dew [13:36]
Encore One More Saturday Night [4:54]

You can listen to the Deadpod here:

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I do love this one, the Scarlet>Fire and Morning Dew especially. Here's a suggestion for (a) future podcast(s): 11/15/71. I love these late '71 Keith shows, and this one has an extraodinary, intense Dark Star in the first set and a wonderful NFA/GDTRFB with a China Cat jam thrown in to close the show. I'm sure lots of folks would love to hear this one.

Loving the podcast as always.

Anonymous said...

I was truly elated to have discovered this show here on the DP, given its reputation. It being 2014, I'm digging way back through the archives here, and I've listened to every podcast from 2007 to present (minus the remainder of 2007, which I am currently plowing through).

I'd heard a lot about this show, here and there and everywhere, and truth be told, I had been avoiding it. Obviously, I could have easily found it somewhere on the internet and enjoyed it a long time ago. But, I'm a patient person by nature, and I also like to have things to look forward to. But, when I happened upon this show while exploring the archives of my favorite podcast, show by show, I knew that I was finally meant to experience it.

This is a VERY good show: everyone played and sang very well, the band was listening to one another (to borrow the Professor's phrase), and the quality of the recording is excellent. Had I heard nothing in terms of hype about it prior to listening to it, then I undoubtedly would have walked away from it thinking, "That show was top-notch."

But, I cannot help but think that, if I were to sit down, think about it, and dig through some shows that I've heard, I could easily identify a dozen other shows that are every bit as praiseworthy and special in their own way.

Ultimately, I guess I just don't feel the need to proclaim one show to be "The Greatest Of All Time," or "The Best Version" of this song or that, or my favorite song (I probably couldn't even narrow it down to my top twenty favorite songs). As a true fan of the band--the entirety of its vast repertoire of songs; the different singers and players and their unique styles and contributions; the different "eras" of the band's history and the influences upon which they drew; heck, even just the different types of instrumentation and effects that were used over time--I appreciate every version of every song in every show in one capacity or another.

To sum up, 05/08/77 was a beautifully-executed show from a deservedly notable time in the band's history. But, having finally enjoyed it, I am more convinced than ever that to attempt to choose a GOAT show is a rather fruitless endeavor.