Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 08/17/07

This week a very underrated show from a very good year, 1981. I love the energy in this show.. and a newly released soundboard really sparkles, sonically..
Check out the Brent solo in CC Rider.. this first set is full of gems, and I know you'll enjoy this recording..

Grateful Dead Providence, RI 5/13/81 - Wednesday
One Jack Straw [5:11] ; Tennessee Jed [8:17] > C C Rider [8:11] ; Friend Of The Devil [8:57] ; Mama Tried [2:25] > Mexicali Blues [4:29] ; Bird Song [8:47] > Let It Grow [10:45] > Deal [7:51]

As always you can listen to the Deadpod here:

As always, be well and thanks so much for your support!!


lukewarmforlevere said...

What city, what venue?

the professor said...

Civic Center..
the date and city were in the post.. Providence RI, 5/13/81

Barrett said...

Professor, love the podcasts, they absolutely make my week! Thanks a million!

hawkhobo said...

just got turned on to these!

Anonymous said...

any chance the bumper stickers will return?

the professor said...

Sure I have plenty of bumperstickers left.. the instructions to get them are here:

Anonymous said...

Good evening Professor --

Just droppin' by to say thanks again, and again, and again... for my Monday fix of a great set. I look forward to this so much, and you never disappoint. Have to say too, really appreciate those early Brent shows. Thanks for an early 80's gift.

Ulrich said...

Thanks for the great Dead Show, Professor!

Ulrich - Hamburg, Germany

Anonymous said...

A terrific set, through and through; and, yes, Brent's "scatting" on CC Rider was a quite remarkable and tons of fun!