Friday, December 14, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 12/14/07

This week a Christmas time show in its entirety for your enjoyment.. This show features a well played first set highlighted perhaps by Phil's "Tom Thumb" and a great Bird Song.. The second set features a wonderful Iko, Iko to open (with Clarence Clemmons on sax) leading into a great Playin'->Crazy Fingers->Uncle John's Band.. The double encore is also quite satisfying.

Grateful Dead Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Arena Oakland, CA
12/27/89 - Wednesday
One Cold Rain And Snow [5:52] ; Greatest Story Ever Told [4:06] ; Never Trust A Woman [5:54] ; Althea [6:58] ; Me And My Uncle [3:01] > Big River [4:41] ; Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues [4:11] % Bird Song [12:45] ; The Promised Land [4:19]
Two Iko Iko [7:43] ; Playing In The Band [13:11] > Crazy Fingers [8:22] > Uncle John's Band [8:40] > Drums [11:#05] > Space [8:20] > The Wheel [5:01] > I Need A Miracle [3:49] > Morning Dew [11:41]
Encore Johnny B. Goode [3:49] ; Black Muddy River [5:55]

I hope you enjoy the two and a half hour podcast this week... I'll try to bring you at least one of these complete shows every month, depending on the state of the disk usage on the deadpod ;)

As always you can hear the Deadpod here:

Enjoy and be well friends.. as always thanks for your support!


Anonymous said...

huge! great selection from a time when the boys were back and very hot. Can't wait to listen to that second set. Thanks for the full show too!

Anonymous said...

This is the greatest Dead I have ever heard on the DeadPod. Thrilling when the audience sings along with "I Need a Miracle" Thank you for bringing the whole show in one piece. Great treat.

mikeyank99 said...

great show love it need to hear the april fools show from capital theater in jersey 1980 excellent shows

Anonymous said...

I wish you would play more from this era. I think it is overlooked. Great show. I'd love to hear foxboro MA from the summer of 1990. My first show. thanks for all the good music.

Ulrich said...

Thanks again, Professor.

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot Professor, we really enjoy the podcasts. Any chance of hearing Feb. 15, 1983 - Madison, WI????

Have a great holiday season.

Anonymous said...

oops, the above should have stated Feb. 15, 1973....sorry

Anonymous said...

Great run. High energy. I was there! Thanks for the show!

William said...


Kindly contact me as I did not receive the show that you sent out. I can be emailed directly at


Anonymous said...

What a show! So much that could be said about it; but, in particular, I was really impressed with Brent throughout. His keyboard work on Big River put a huge smile on my face, and Never Trust A Woman was a real treat.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Morning Dew was monumental!