Friday, March 28, 2008

Dead show podcast for 3/28/08

This week a truly great show suggested by one of my wonderful listeners in honor of the passing of Martin Fierro - The Spectrum, September 21st, 1973. Although Martin doesn't play sax until the second set I couldn't bare to not play the entire show so we will get to his performance next week. This week, I hope you enjoy the wonderful and well-played first set, including such gems as "Here Comes Sunshine", and "Black Peter". Jerry and Keith in particular shine in this first set.....

Grateful Dead The Spectrum Philadelphia, PA
Date 9/21/73 - Friday
One Big Railroad Blues ; Me And My Uncle ; Brown Eyed Women ; Beat It On Down The Line ; Sugaree ; Big River ; Here Comes Sunshine ; El Paso ; Loose Lucy ; Jack Straw ; Black Peter ; Playing In The Band

As always you can listen to this week's deadpod here:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming through for me on this Prof. A nice way to remember...

Anonymous said...

My first (and many other) dead show was at the Philly Spectrum. A great place to see the boys play.

Anonymous said...

Hey Prof.

This actually was my first Grateful Dead Show though my epiphany with the whole trip was a couple of months later in Boston 12/2/73. It's great to hear this one again 35 years later. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Professor thought you might be able to do something for Pig who's passing was March 8. Rotterdam Civic Hall 5-11-72 has lots of classic Pig. Thanks for all the good times.

Anonymous said...

Hey Professor, I was reading David Dodd's Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics and I stumbled onto Alice D Millionaire (No Time to Cry)and fell in love with the song. Being the young Dead listener that I am, I realized I have never heard this song before. Was hoping maybe you have a show with this song and could include it into a future show. Thanks for the amazing music, and your hard work to keep the Dead music alive for other generations.

Anonymous said...

Dear Professor,

This podcast is the greatest thing ever. I listen to the show everyday on my break from work and imagine myself at the show.

Is there anyway you could play a show with Bertha?


the professor said...

These are some great suggestions -
thank you all for posting them!!
I'll see what I can do soon about getting some primal Dead back on the Deadpod - I'm not sure I have a show with Alice D Millionaire in it - but I will try and find one!

have a great week friends!
=the professor