Friday, January 02, 2009

Dead Show/podcast for 1/2/09

Happy New Year everyone!
This week I'll bring you the second set from December 30th 1990 at Oakland CA.
A great set list, and if you like shows with Bruce Hornsby sitting in I think you'll find this to be a good one. A really nice example of one of the more high energy shows of a generally well played year.

Please Note: I've uploaded a corrected version of this set - I mistakenly omitted the Playin' In the Band - it should now be corrected - my appologies!

Grateful Dead Coliseum Arena Oakland, CA 12/30/90 - Sunday
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo > Looks Like Rain ; Crazy Fingers > Playing In The Band > Drums > Space > Terrapin Station > Sugar Magnolia
Encore U.S. Blues

You can hear the deadpod here:

Many thanks for your support - I do hope you have a great 2009!


Anonymous said...

Bruce is good but he always sound like he’s playing a recital at conservatory. Give me the B3 and Fender Rhodes.

Anonymous said...

on the second set, me and my uncle was repeated from the first set, in place of playing in the band

Anonymous said...

Still getting Me and my uncle instead of PITB. Can you also reupload to itunes?

Many thanks. Happy New Year and love the show. Can't wait for Friday's

the professor said...

I've fixed the Me & My Uncle - try downloading the set again -
as for itunes I have no idea how to fix that - I've contacted my hosting service and they have contacted itunes. sorry..
thanks for letting me know about the uncle error.. my bad..

Anonymous said...

I cleared my computer cache and then I got the revised set. Thx.

Hope itunes get the new set.

Thx again.

Anonymous said...

Ask and you shall receive. Corrected set now posted on itunes. For those of you who subscribe to the podcast, need to go back to the podcast home page in itunes store and click on "get episode".

Anonymous said...

no need for appology Professor. Thanks for the great music. Keep On Truckin'

Anonymous said...

Bruce does not sound like he's playing at a recital. I had a girlfriend in high school that did but he doesn't. He does have a penchant for pianos other than those you'd prefer.