Friday, April 03, 2009

Dead Show/podcast for 04/03/09

Hello Friends - this week I decided to bring you a historic show - this marked the first time Vince Welnick played with the band. The show itself is quite well-played, the band still had the energy that marked most of the year 1990. While I know Vince isn't everyone's cup of tea, I still think there's plenty to like in this set, and hope you'll enjoy this first set this week, and the second, next week..

Grateful Dead - September 7, 1990
Richfield Coliseum - Richfield, OH
set 1: Cold Rain & Snow ->
Walkin' Blues
Ramble On Rose
Me And My Uncle ->
Big River
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Bird Song
Picasso Moon
U.S. Blues

PLEASE NOTE: I was informed that there are pops and clicks in this podcast - I'm currently not able to remaster the podcast due to relocating my family. I will try and remaster this podcast as soon as I can.
You may want to avoid downloading it until I can remaster the broadcast.
Please accept my appologies.... - the professor

You can listen to this week's deadpod here:

I'm in the process of moving my family to our new home in Michigan this week (finally!!) so I hope there aren't any problems with the podcast - if there are I may not be around to fix them for a few days, so I ask for your patience in advance.. thank you :)


Charlie said...

great set and i like the energy flowing through the band due to the arrival of Vince. sadly, i was less than a year old when this show took place.
i'd love to hear the May 11th show from 1978. i heard it's very well played and that some members of the band were rumored to have taken mescaline before the show.

janaki said...

great set, but has anyone else had any problems with skips in the audio? on my iPod, it was very annoying, and now, listening at work on my PC, there are occasional clicks and squeaks that aren't so disruptive, but still interfere with the enjoyment factor.

Bugs said...

Yes there are skps in th audio

the professor said...

very sorry for the audio problems
Just moved - will try to correct soon
Thanks 4 your patience

The professor

Anonymous said...

I think the pops or skips are keeping it from playing on my iPod. As soon as it hits the first pop about 2 seconds in, it stops. Plays on the computer though. So, I'll hear it one way or the other.

Good luck with the move, Professor!

glauber said...

Same here, doesn't play on my iPod Classic. Plays a few seconds and quits.

No hurry. Take care of your move.

Anonymous said...

Had the same problem with the podcast cutting out after 1 sec. on my iPod. Got around it by downloading the file direct from the website onto my desktop and moving it into my Library as a "Music" file. Still the clicks, but what the hay - I'll listen to the Dead any way I can get it. Thanks again, Prof :)

Anonymous said...

Early on, I was finding the set to be quite blasé, lacking in passion and energy. To be fair, the instruments seemed rather subdued in the mix. But, Bobby started to kick it up a notch in M&MU, and by Big River, we were well on our way! The rest of the set (and the whole show, for that matter), I found to be quite excellent. In particular, I really enjoyed Vince's handiwork during Bird was rather unique, and a great start to his tenure with the band.