Friday, February 26, 2010

Dead Show/podcast for 02/26/2010

This week, bowing to listener requests ;) I've decided to bring you some Furthur - this comes to us from their New Year's Eve show in San Francisco CA, 12/31/09 - I decided to bring you some of the 2nd set then part of the jam after Midnight... this is a fine example of this new outfit and of course its great to hear these classic Dead songs with new life breathed into them.. Furthur is on tour of course right now, and I hope that you can catch one of their shows now, or this summer when they've already started booking dates...

The Band:

Bob Weir
Guitar and Vocals

Phil Lesh
Bass Guitar and Vocals

Sunshine Becker

Jeff Chimenti

Zoe Ellis

John Kadlecik
Guitar and Vocals

Jay Lane

Joe Russo

12/31/09 Bill Graham Auditorium, San Francisco CA

Time >
Uncle John's Band
After Midnight
III: Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion >
Let It Grow >
Cryptical Envelopment >
Born Cross-Eyed >
The Other One >
Cryptical Envelopment

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

I hope you enjoy the show! and thanks for your support.


Bill L. said...

Nice music. Somebody's been listening to Jerry Garcia.

Paul said...

Professor - Thanks for all the great tunes, I truly look forward to every friday. The last '73 show you did was jaw-dropping. I must say I went to the Atlanta show and was disappointed by this group. Don't know what it was, but something was missing. I don't agree with everyone that is so excited for a Jerry clone, when Jimmy, Warren, Mark Karen, and others did a much better job in my humble opinion. Anyway thanks for the tunes and great music every Friday!

Paul said...

Thanks for all the tunes every Friday, truly makes me look forward to it every week. I must say that I saw the Atlanta show and was greatly disappointed by it. I don't know what it was about the show, but it was missing something. There was so much hype and I was pretty pumped, but walked away feeling like JK wasn't bringing anything new. I'm glad people are enjoying it, but for me I've always enjoyed Warren, Mark Karen, Jimmy, and others. Just my two cents, but keep up the great tunes!

Peter said...

Thanks Professor! I am going to the Mohegan Sun Casino tonight for the show! I will listen to this on the way!!

Pete in New Haven

Gr8fuldadman said...

Thank you Professor! I caught Furthur at the Patriot Center @ George Mason University a few weeks back. They were smokin' hot. Best show I've attended since Jerry.

Stay well.


Peteclark9 said...

I enjoyed it but hmmm it doesn't sound like Jerry to me at all. Is it supposed to?

the pool of money said...

Just say no to "Furthur"

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the resistance to Furthur. Seems like a kind of snobbery... I'd rather have Furthur ('10) than the Grateful Dead ('90's). No one in Furthur is in a heroin daze...

By the way, totally disagree with Paul, the Atlanta show was smokin'

glauber said...

I'm finally getting to listen to this. Thank you, it's great!

I agree with Anonymous... so it's not Jerry, but why not do the songs? Go further!

Anonymous said...

Definitely not the best Furthur show I've heard: they weren't very tight on this night; and I love when Phil sings, but the whole set got off to a poor start with his delivery (or lack thereof) of the lyrics to PF's Time. Having said that, I have heard several amazing performances of their's, so let's just chalk it up to no one being perfect. Despite my less than glowing review here, I wish to distinguish myself from any others who would suggest that no music is the better option. May the Grateful Dead's music live forever, in any and all incarnation! I am very grateful to anyone who would keep the music alive.