Friday, March 11, 2011

Dead Show podcast for 3/11/11

This week's Deadpod features set 2 of a nice show from April 2nd, 1982 at Duke University in Durham North Carolina.. I think this one has a great set list (of course I'm a sucker for Roses), the He's Gone is a really nice jam and the Other One is exceptional..
I really hope you enjoy it!

Samson And Delilah ; 07:26
It Must Have Been The Roses ; 06:13
Man Smart (Woman Smarter) ; 05:42
He's Gone > 14:51
Truckin' > 09:34
Drums > 11:10
Space > 07:49
The Other One > 10:59
Black Peter > 08:30
Sugar Magnolia ; 10:04
set music:
Don't Ease Me In ;03:04

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

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Anonymous said...

Woweee. Jerry's vocals are absolutely beautiful on this one. Brent is hitting the harmonies perfectly. Great mix. Very musical and melodic set. Thanks for sharing.

Stickball said...

To follow-up on the Professor's comment about the stage switch...

I had totally forgotten about the "Jerry-to-Brent" move---20 or 30 years will do that---I do recall that's all we talked about after the show. The energy that seemed to be created between Jerry & Brent was undeniable. Just listen to that 1st! The Professor's comment about the extra energy is spot-on!

So at the next night's show, The Scope in Norfolk, VA (a smokin' show!) Bob Weir make's an announcement thanking the "crack" stage & lighting crew for "game-fully putting up with them"...obviously in reference to their abrupt stage change.

I used to have it on an old tape and recall it was quite echoey and cavernous-sounding, probably very early in the 1st set, in case you're scoring at home.

Back-to-back, Duke/Scope, two totally smokin' early 80's Dead shows!

Thank's for the memories, I am, eternally grateful...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jerry's vocals are remarkably good in this show. Probably the best Don't Ease Me In that I've heard...perhaps because it was the encore, and therefore they gave it some extra-special energy?