Friday, April 01, 2011

Dead Show /podcast for 4/1/11

No April Fools here - just great Jerry!

This week another request from one of our listeners - this one for a great show from 1976 - this one comes from a venue we've featured before, but I went back and couldn't believe it had been so long since I'd played a show from 1976..
Anyway, its a good year - sometimes the tempo is a bit slower than other years, but the band is listening and growing and while the 2nd set of this show is probably more out-there than this first set, I think this is quite enjoyable- especially the wonderful Scarlet that closes set 1..

Grateful Dead
Roosevelt Stadium,
Jersey City, NJ

Set 1:
Sugaree (14:42)
New Minglewood Blues (10:39)
Row Jimmy (12:21)
Big River (7:04)
Loser (11:10)
Looks Like Rain (7:50)
They Love Each Other (8:56)
The Music Never Stopped (6:39)
Scarlet Begonias (15:26)

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

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Anonymous said...

Although I truly appreciate the uniqueness of different eras in the band's history, and the way that they vary the tempo, style, and other aspects such that a song is never really played twice in the same fashion (this is why listening as much as I do never, ever gets old)--and, I do enjoy myself some '76 Dead--I found some songs (Loser, I'm looking at you) to be painfully slow. From then on, though, the set was more enjoyable. The sound quality is also pretty spotty in places. Because I was already generally anxious, I found members of the audience to be particularly annoying as they called out their song requests between songs. Okay, now I'm the annoying one...I'll stop ranting now. =)