Friday, May 13, 2011

Dead Show/podcast for 5/13/11

This Friday the 13th we're in for a real treat as we get to enjoy the second set of the Grateful Dead's performance at the Boston Gardens on May the 7th, 1977. The second set opens with a splendid Terrapin Station into Sampson, and while the entire set is quite good, what really sends me over the top is the fabulous Wheel->Wharf Rat.. one for the ages to be sure..

Grateful Dead
5/7/77 - Saturday
Boston Garden - Boston, MA
Tune Up (Aud patch)
Terrapin Station
Sampson And Delilah
Tune Up
Friend Of The Devil
Estimated Prophet
Tune Up (Aud patch)
Eyes Of The World
The Wheel
Wharf Rat
Around And Around (Aud patch)
U.S. Blues

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

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Joe said...

does anyone else have a problem with this file? it resets itself at about 5:15. did it twice.

the professor said...

I just downloaded and played that section without a problem - might want to try a download and save?

Anonymous said...

What a good set, not my fav tunes (but I still luv'em) but the execution is almost flawless.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where to find this show on cd?

Anonymous said...

Yes, a flawless show, to borrow someone else's phrase. The whole band is firing on all pistons tonight, both instrumentally and vocally, and playing so well together. Although it doesn't quite seem fair to highlight any one band member's contribution, I am especially compelled to give a shout out to Billy K. for that absolutely righteous drum solo!