Friday, February 10, 2012

Dead show/podcast for 2/10/12

Inspired - that's the word that comes to mind when I think of this performance.. this is a wonderful piece of work - surely one of the better shows of 1976, and this nearly 2 hour second set features some real gems. Lazy Lightin'>Supplication>Let It Grow.. the slow and beautiful St. Stephen, and the Stella Blue, of course.. oh that Stella Blue.. the end of which will surely melt your heart.
I hope you enjoy this, savor it and remember.... Never had such a good time....

Grateful Dead
Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA
July 18, 1976

Set 2
Might As Well
Samson And Delilah
Lazy Lightnin'
Let It Grow
Wharf Rat
The Other One
St. Stephen
Not Fade Away
St. Stephen
The Wheel
The Other One
Stella Blue
Sugar Magnolia
E) Johnny B. Goode

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

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Simon George said...

Miss Jerry.Love the dead. Great post, keep up the good work. Thanks. IStillGotMyGuitar

DeadDogDisco said...

Wow! I've never heard this show. Or anything like it. Garcia's work on "wharf rat>other' alone is unlike anything I've ever heard anyone do. Even him! And thats just 1 slice of the pie!

DeadDogDisco said...

Wow. I've never heard this show. Or anything like it! Garcia's work on "wharf rat>other on" is unlike I've ever heard anyone do. Even him! And thats just 1 slice of the pie!

Luke Vargas said...

Excellent show. Played this during an otherwise dreary bus trip from DC to NYC. Made the journey worthwhile and relaxing.

As you note, the St. Stephen is well worth the wait!

thanks for providing this content

New Lifestyle Pioneer said...

Lots of beautiful Donna on this

bob said...

Simply amazing. My dog-eared copy of Deadbase says I have this show, but hearing it now is like the first time, light's-all-shining-on-me stuff.

Anonymous said...

20 years ago I had a partial tape of this 2nd set from the Candy Man to Stella Blue that was the soundtrack to my life for years. Finally wore it out. Awesome to hear this again - what a surprise - and no wonder I thought that 1st set was so perfect!

Thanks Prof

jfarns said...

Thanks, Professor! Wharf Rat always works IMO! And the "St. Stephen" is unique for sure!!!