Friday, April 20, 2012

Dead Show/podcast for 4/20/12

This week I reached back to find a show befitting the 4/20 occasion and decided that despite its flaws only April 20th, 1969 would do. This one has been on the request list for some time, but it is a gas. This is of course a great example of 'good ol' Grateful Dead' with Pigpen featured prominently on Good Morning Little Schoolgirl and Lovelight, but it also includes a mind-bending Dark Star, a wonderful St. Stephen and a pair of wonderful encores - Dupree's Diamond Blues and Mountains of the Moon... not to mention the always powerful 'Death Don't Have No Mercy'..

Granted the recording suffers from some hiss in spots and doesn't have quite the headroom I would like, but if you let yourself explore where this wild band of outlaws takes you on this evening 43 years ago I'm sure you'll smile.............

Grateful Dead
Clark University
Worcester. MA

Tuning 02:13
Morning Dew 09:38
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 10:43
Doin' That Rag 06:25
Dark Star > 21:16
St Stephen > 06:17
The Eleven > 06:44
Death Don't Have Mercy 10:00
Lovelight 22:38
E1:Dupree's Diamond Blues > 03:46
E2:Mountains Of The Moon 05:12

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Sending out light to Levon Helm this week....may his passage be a peaceful one.

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Rodney said...

This show is actually from 4/19. Deadbase & have it wrong. Here's a link to a poster confirming the date.

Anonymous said...

Hey professor, seems there is an overdub of dark star over death dont have no mercy. somewhere before the 50:00 mark. or is it just me? For the record I haven't started celebrating 4/20 with gusto yet

the professor said...

I will get a corrected version up as soon as possible! thanks!

the professor said...

A new corrected version has been published.. please download this again if you happened to get the incorrect version. My appologies :(

Anonymous said...

You can never go wrong with April of '69. Thanks again professor

Anonymous said...

You just can't go wrong with April '69. Thanks Professor

Anonymous said...

Professor, I downloaded last weeks podcast and the second half there were 2 songs playing at the same time. saw there was a problem and re-downloaded on 4/27/12 and it was still messed up

the professor said...

I just listened to the Death Don't Have No Mercy and it does not have the problem it had before - are you certain you deleted your previous version before trying to download a new one? Sometimes if a file has the same name it won't automatically overwrite it with a new version...
I"m so sorry you are having this problem! If this doesn't resolve it write me directly please.

the professor said...

My provider - libsyn- finally admitted the old version hadn't been removed. They have now removed it .. *finally* and replaced it with the correct version. I'm sorry this took so long to fix!!

-the professor

jfarns said...

Phenomenal stuff here. Really enjoyed the "Schoolgirl" and "Lovelight." Pigpen was one of a kind, that's for sure.