Friday, October 24, 2014

Dead Show/podcast for 10/24/14

In casting about for a show to fit some recent requests, I came across this well-known yet astonishing work of unparalleled psychedelia. Unfortunately there is no Pigpen on this night (or the next) which is what my listener had requested, however I'm confident that the peerless jamming and enthusiasm present on this recording will allow me to be excused for that omission. This show starts with an excellent Dark Star (and its so nice to hear it in one of its earlier formations), then goes into a wonderful St. Stephen and The Eleven which is just wonderful - I'm especially fond of the ending jam in the Eleven - before going into a song which never should have left, Death Don't Have No Mercy.. The second set follows and while perhaps not as strong as the first, the Cryptical and the Other One features some great work by Phil, which is also noticeable in the New Potato Caboose (as sadly the lack of keyboards). The show ends with some intense and jamming and, the then popular Feedback..

Grateful Dead
Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco CA
10/12/68 - Saturday

 Set 1

Dark Star ->
Saint Stephen ->
The Eleven ->
Death Don't Have No Mercy 

Set 2

Cryptical Envelopment ->
Drums ->
The Other One ->
Cryptical Envelopment ->
New Potato Caboose ->
Jam ->
Drums ->
Jam ->

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May your week be filled with kindness and enlightenment. 
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Charles A said...

Common brother, If it's Dark Star then play the year 1972. The best year for many of their best songs especially Dark Star. You probably have a show that's not very well known or not easy to find for most of us. 1973 would be the 2nd year I'd choose to display a good Star.
There are so many new shows, upgrades, available now its a crime not to pick the best year(s)for Dark Star.
Thanks you for the wonderful music you bring to the world. I like your approach & style. There is a reason so many shows have been officially released from 1972. However, there are plenty more that haven't been officially released or played on your program. As long as the quality is Excellent, I'm sure any Dead Head that knows his stuff will agree. Thanks again brother. Cheers, Charles

Anonymous said...

As to the previous post, I would rather express the merits of a specific '72 show, like what differentiates the musical passages within said Dark Star. Instead, disparage '68 and kick in a "most people who know their stuff would agree. Next person to tout '68 might feel bullied into keeping quiet about it, denying others of hearing that viewpoint. It could be their ideas aren't 100% fully formed, and so feels insecure about sharing, thanks to "any Dead Head who knows their stuff will agree.
Also, I believe the correct date is 10/12/68.
Thank you for the music, Ed.

the professor said...

Thanks Ed for pointing out my typo.
I simply try to present many periods of the band's vast history for the entertainment and enlightenment of my kind listeners.

the professor said...

I'll try not to have that happen but it does sometimes sorry

Anonymous said...

I love this show -- pure primal Dead.

But ... you already put this out on 5/21/2010. I know, because that's where I got the version I currently listen to regularly.


Anonymous said...

repeat but --- Higher bit rate at 256 kbps instead of 192

Anonymous said...

Prof - Thank you thank you thank you for sharing the wonderful - and primal - tunes. Some shows are so good you have to share 'em twice - esp. with better sound and don't forget there are always new folks to the Deadpod. This show is just a gem.

Thanks as always for sharing the wonderful music.

- B