Friday, December 12, 2014

Dead Show/podcast for 12/12/14

While this week's Deadpod features a tape that is not complete, and has some cuts, I still believe it is strong enough to feature for this week and next. This show comes to us from Winterland Arena, where the band performed after a short break from touring on December 12, 1972. Unfortunately most of the first set is missing. What we have starts with a great 'Bertha', following that is Garcia at full force during an incendiary 'Playin' In the Band'. This beauty goes on for about 20 minutes of first class Jerry virtuosity. I love this version. While this tape is not the highest quality recording, its worth listening to just for this performance. The band moves into a much more standard Casey Jones to close the first set.
We'll listen to the first part of the second set as well, which opens with a rockin' Promised Land followed by a nice Stella Blue. The China Cat->I Know You Rider opens up very nicely, especially in the transition jam, and leaves us wanting more, which we'll hear next week. 

Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA (12/10/72)

from set 1:
Playing in the Band
Casey Jones

Set 2:
Promised Land
Stella Blue
Jack Straw
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Thank you for sharing this trip with me, and for your support, which makes the Deadpod possible!! 

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Anonymous said...

Happy holidays, Professor! It's been a while since I've offered comments, and I've been meaning to get reengaged for some time now. My sincere wish is that folks would participate and interact more here, as this is such a wonderful forum that you provide for us.

I was compelled to write today to mention that, as a happy surprise, I discovered the Jack Straw tucked into the recording here. I wasn't sure if you simply forgot to include the song name in the written set list, or what. My research suggests that there was a Jack Straw performed later in the second set on this night, for those who are wondering about the discrepancy. Incidentally, it's too bad that the rest of the first set is unavailable, as the set list was a good one.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing the remainder of Set 2 soon, and also to a beautiful acoustic show which I presume will be coming our way soon. Thanks again for yet another year of your thoughtful and meticulous curation.