Friday, March 06, 2015

Dead Show/podcast for 3/6/15

Spring is supposed to be springing .. soon... so I plan to hurry it along with this beauty from 1971 which should generate a little heat... This comes to you from the City of Blues, St. Louis back on March 18th, 1971 (there has been some dustups over that date... some say the 17th.. I have no dog in this fight).. As with most artifacts from that year this one should please all but the Touchiest of Heads.. :)
There are plenty of standards here in set 1 and best of all plenty of PIGPEN ;)
Check out the fabulous version of Me & Bobby McGee, China-Rider and *the Rub* :)
set 2 should provide some mindmelting jams next week...

Grateful Dead
Fox Theatre St. Louis, MO
3/18/71 - Thursday

Casey Jones ;
Me And My Uncle ;
Big Boss Man ;
Bertha ;
Me And Bobby McGee ;
Loser ;
China Cat Sunflower->
I Know You Rider ;
The Rub ;
Playing In The Band ;
Cumberland Blues

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Anonymous said...

Great set! I really enjoyed hearing The Rub for the first time (I think), and it's fun to hear such early versions of some of these songs, where they're still in the process of mastering the lyrics, songs (like PITB) are still short and not yet jammed out, and perhaps certain harmonies and other pieces have not yet materialized. Witnessing the evolution of the band and their songs over the years is part of what I enjoy most about them.