Friday, November 18, 2016

Dead Show/podcast for 11/18/16

Here's a top-notch show from the Fall of 1972 to start off your Thanksgiving week right.. this is from 11/14/72, Oklahoma City Oklahoma.. I consider this a very well played 16 song first set.. After an opening 'Promised Land' Garcia gives us a slow, rolling 'Sugaree'.  After the 'El Paso' that follows we get 'Loser' - a personal favorite of mine and a perfect song for the western setting.. the set is full of favorites from the GD catalog.. Bertha, Tennessee Jed, and a smart China->Rider with a smoking transition. Garcia's notes lift us up as we move into that Rider. Box of Rain follows, then he band rocks it out with a quadruple serving of rocking standards - Beat It on Down the Line, a bouncy up-tempo 'Friend of the Devil', 'Around and Around' and the archetypical warning to Casey to watch his speed...

Grateful Dead
Oklahoma City Music Hall Oklahoma City, OK
Date 11/14/72 - Tuesday

The Promised Land [2:56] ;
Sugaree [7:41] ;
El Paso [4:18] ;
Loser [5:#58] ;
Black Throated Wind [6:52] ;
Bertha [5:49] ;
Mexicali Blues [3:#10] ;
Tennessee Jed [7:28] ;
Big River [4:16] ;
China Cat Sunflower [7:09] >
I Know You Rider [5:05]
Box Of Rain [4:50] ;
Beat It On Down The Line [3:12]
Friend Of The Devil [3:26] ;
Around And Around [3:#09] ;
Casey Jones [6:21]

There are some occasional sonic imperfections here, and a few cuts, but I hope you find this a pleasure to listen to as you get ready for the big holiday next week.

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Be kind to yourself - Be kind to each other

I am blessed to be able to bring you this music. Thank you for making it possible my friends.


Steve Colglaizer said...

Excellent. The band is so crisp and sharp yet soft where it matters.

Daniel said...

This might be the best Mexicali Blues I've heard - thanks for a great show!