Friday, June 16, 2017

Dead Show/podcast for 6/16/17

This week's Deadpod features a classic from the Wall of Sound era - June 23rd 1974 - from Miami FL. This is a great big first set, to go with that great big sound stage - clocking in at over 1:47, and featuring some excellent versions of Dead standards along with the only time they ever played the great 'Let It Rock'. The sound is a bit muffled at first, but clears up fairly nicely, there are some anomalies here and there -this setup had its issues - but overall it sounds great. There's a fine lead in to Mississippi Half-Step and Jack Straw is really rockin'. Jerry does an excellent version of 'To Lay Me Down' and getting the entire 'Weather Report Suite' is a treat. A China Doll closer to set 1 shows us just how unusual this first set was..

Jai-Alai Fronton, Miami, FL (6/23/74)


Ramble on Rose
Black-Throated Wind
Mississippi Half-Step
Beat it on Down the Line
Row Jimmy
Jack Straw
Let it Rock
Cumberland Blues
El Paso
To Lay Me Down
WRS Prelude
WRS Part 1
Let it Grow
China Doll

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