Friday, October 14, 2005

Dead Show/podcast for 10/14/05

Hey now! Sorry there was no podcast last week due to the pledge drive - BUT we MADE OUR GOAL! Thanks to you!! I'm thrilled and really want to thank everyone who supported the show, both locally and from the blog!!!

This week, a tasty treat from 1979:
Grateful Dead - 11/30/79
Stanley Theatre - Pittsburgh, PA
Scarlet Begonias [14:57] > Fire On The Mountain ; Passenger [5:23] ; Terrapin Station [13:21] > Playing In The Band [14:03]

You can get the podcast here :

thanks again for your support!!!!!

1 comment:

stillwell said...

hey there! love the music and that you take the time to make this available for for all. there have been nights over the past month, after a crazy day at work, that i sit, have a few drinks, some good green, and let your podcasts take my cares away.
cheers from NYC