Friday, November 11, 2005

Dead Show/podcast for 11/11/05

This week, a first, a set requested from one of my internet listeners:

Grateful Dead Alpine Valley Music Theatre East Troy, WI 7/17/89 - Monday
China Cat Sunflower [6:25] > I Know You Rider [6:00] ~ Playing In The Band [8:29] > Uncle John's Band [8:46] > Standing On The Moon [9:14]/ Space [10:59] > The Wheel [4:36] > Gimme Some Lovin' [4:28]

As always you can listen to the podcast here

Thanks and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the show, man. I'm a recently converted Dead Head (or at least as much of one as I can be being born in '86) and get your show on iTunes. Thanks for giving this wanna-be hippy an hour break from the sorry excuse for music my roommate plays all the time (he's one of those emo kids...) Thanks again!
-Brother Essau

caspersvapors said...

dude Ive been searching for this whole show since I first saw Downhill from Here (about 2 years ago), and this fraction is the most Ive found, July 89 is one of my favorite months in GD history, the shows are just blazing. I love the Not Fade Away from this show, its huge...

do you know where I can get any the rest of this show?

youre awesome man,