Friday, November 18, 2005

Dead Show/podcast for 11/18/05

This week, I thought I'd bring you some Grateful Dead music from an era not widely represented in most collections, due to the lack of really good recordings. Most of the shows in 1980-81 were recorded on cassette tape only, and this show was too, but despite the hiss I think you'll agree its worth savoring for the energy and quality of the performance. Enjoy!

Grateful Dead Barton Hall - Cornell University Ithaca, NY
Date 5/16/81 - Saturday
One Feel Like A Stranger [8:20] ; Friend Of The Devil [9:34] ; Me And My Uncle [3:04] > Big River [5:54] ; Althea [9:10] > C C Rider [7:44#] ; Brown Eyed Women [4:59] ; Passenger [5:04] ; High Time [8:28]

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Anonymous said...

is it me or is this the quintessential live version of Althea? anyone else know of a better live recording?