Friday, February 24, 2006

Dead Show/podcast for 02/24/06

This week, a tasty treat from 1972! This comes from Winterland, on December 11th, 1976, most of the 2nd set for your enjoyment..
Someone posted on Itunes that they were looking for a Dark Star, well here's one for ya!

12/11/72 Winterland San Francisco, CA from set 2:
Mississippi Half-Step, Me & My Uncle, Big RxR Blues, Dark Star->Stella Blue, Big River, Tomorrow Is Forever (end is edited as the tape is cut)

As always you can download the podcast here:

Enjoy, and thanks for your support!!!!

Nothing Left to do but Smile, Smile Smile..


Anonymous said...

I can only get 13 minutes of this show. And I am certain thats not the whole show. Just ta let ya know.

the professor said...

You tried to get it before I got it all uploaded.. try again now..
sorry i get ahead of myself on a friday night sometimes ;)

Anonymous said...

Letting you know the 2.24 podcast is no longer on itunes. Like the previous post, I only got 13 minutes.

the professor said...

the files look fine.. I'm downloading it myself from the server right now to see if there is a problem with the file.. I suspect perhaps network problems.

Anonymous said...

Still nothing on the itunes podcast cite... sorry to bother but I'm bummed out.

the professor said...

I just downloaded last night's show from there. But its not listed yet for some reason. What I did was subscribe to the podcast and it gave me last night's. So perhaps you'll have to delete and re-add your subscription..
I don't know why itunes has some of the problems it has.. but it will give you the most recent podcast if you do this..

the professor said...

I'm really sorry to hear that. I will keep trying to figure out why there is a problem on this end. Can you download the podcast from my website and then move it to your ipod?
If anyone else is having this problem let me know please. Thanks for trying.. I will work on identifying what the problem is.

adam teems said...

well..i really hate it for all these naggers professor, but i must agree that this is quite the tastey treat...great choice for a spectacular Dark Star.


glauber said...

I seem to have the full show too (69:30 min). I don't have an Ipod, but i look forward to my weekly Dead fix; i haven't missed a show since i found out about this blog. Thanks for making these files available!

I gave you a link in my blog.

Dr. Contrarian said...

Wow...that Dark Star is phenominal. Thanks Professor!!