Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dead Show/podcast for 05/12/06

I've been wanting to play something from the month of May, as there have been so many great moments in GD history, but rather than play something from the obvious choice, 1977, I decided on this tight, well-played gem from 1987.. its from the night the Dead recorded the "Touch of Gray" video, and I think you'll enjoy it..

The Grateful Dead 05/09/1987 Laguna Seca Raceway Monterey, CA
Sugar Magnolia->Sugaree, Me & My Uncle->Mexicalli Blues, When Push Comes to Shove, Tons of Steel, My Brother Esau, Tennessee Jed, Let It Grow

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Matzger said...

I was at these shows and it was a very hot weekend, and the Playin' from this weekend is on the "so many roads" GD release. Brent was sick this weekend sucking down lozenges like candy, but played with such viggor that during the Playin' he spilled his water and fried his keyboard. The roadies did a great job replacing it on the fly the next day when it finally gave up, but what a weekend. I look back on the Laguna Seca days fondly. Los Lobos opened along with El-Rayo X, and they were great too.
1987 was a very good year........ I wish more was played frm this year, like the Long Beach Ca. tapes or Ventura Ca--- my first shows.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't know if you like taking requests or doin' your own thing, but I love Grateful Dead and had heard something I've never heard before on their official website. They have live streaming music and they played a song about being normal. I thought the name of it was maybe "Let's be Normal," but I never found it. It was a gem, though. The lyrics were just hilarious and I would be such a Grateful Grateful Dead fan if you somehow found this. I'm probably going to make a new blog so I may drop a link in another post soon. I wish to contribute to your pay, but I'm broke off my ace being only 16. Well, thanx for your time and keep up the sweet work!!

Dr. Contrarian said...

Thanks for putting this together for the community each week. We all really appreciate the effort.

The Dr.

the professor said...

Thanks for the kind words.. I appreciate them.. and I'm glad you enjoy the shows!
-the professor