Friday, May 26, 2006

Dead Show/podcast for 05/26/06

Like alot of other Deadheads, I admit I have a softspot for 1973 shows.. this week, as a thank you for all your support during the pledge drive, I bring you part of the 2nd set from 3/28/73, including a wonderful Dark Star.. I hope you enjoy it!

Grateful Dead Springfield Civic Center Arena Springfield, MA 3/28/73 - Wednesday
Weather Report Suite Prelude [2:12] > Dark Star [32:46] > Eyes Of The World [12:#41] > Playing In The Band [16:01] ; Johnny B. Goode

As always you can find the podcast here

Thanks for your support!


Steve Burch said...

This was fantastic . I loved it and listened over and over . Steve Burch

Anonymous said...

Professor, is there any way that you could please post a new link to this show? The first set was so wonderful, I would love to hear the second. Many thanks in advance!

Ron Dovzak said...

Hi, I just found your site a few days ago and it is fantastic!! thank you so much!!
Is there anyway that you can re-up this 2nd Set of 3/28/73??
Thank you again.
Ron in Flagstaff

the professor said...

this is an old one.. perhaps I'll feature it again soon.. thanks, and glad you found us!