Friday, August 04, 2006

Dead Show/podcast for 08/04/06

Hello Friends... i hope this finds you well and staying cool! Today I'm bringing you the second set from 9/26/91, Boston Gardens, Boston MA.
A well played 90s show, with an exceptional setlist:

9/26/91 Boston Garden, Boston MA set 2:
Dark Star->Saint of Circumstance->Eyes of the World->Drums->Space->
The Other One->Dark Star->Attics of My Life->Good Lovin'

As always you can find the podcast here on our archive site:

Take care during these 'days between'....


Tony said... it me or is there something wrong with the current podcast...I'm having the hardest time getting I-Tunes to download it...what gives??

Tony said...

Still having trouble downloading...I wonder if I need to unsubscribe then subscribe again...don't understand what the deal is...could the server be too busy?? Sorry to bother you with's just that I look forward to downloading these each week and it's killing me that I can't get this week's show!!!

JR Fishman said...

Its slightly slow at parts of the name, but I do get the whole show

Hey, there Professor John Lee (Jeff Fishman saying hello)

My blog is at

G Berger said...

Yeah...I've still been unable to download it from iTunes all week so gets about 1/4 done and kicks me off. Any other place to download it?

Thanks so much for putting these out there each week!!!

the professor said...

Itunes is just a link to the location of the file on a server.. in this case it is:

Sorry you're having a problem with it, the file exists there in tact.
the professor

Ian Kennedy said...

Another amazing find from the Professor! This show's second set was absolutely a gem. A real kind of dark & sinister drumz > space > other one but then Attics to settle you down and Good Lovin' to push back the darkness. I don't usually gravitate towards any of the 90's shows but this one cause me to reconsider!


Anonymous said...

I'm loving this podcast to death. Any chance of a full Weather Report Suite sometime in the weeks to come? Stay well.