Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dead Show/podcast for 08/18/06

Hello Friends!
so glad you could stop by again this week!
I had a request for this set, and while I don't always get to requests, I thought this was a great set so I'm bringing it to you today.. I sure hope you enjoy it..

Grateful Dead Mosque Richmond, VA 5/25/77 - Wednesday
Scarlet Begonias [10:22] > Fire On The Mountain [11:09] ; Estimated Prophet [8:48] > He's Gone [13:53] > Drums [5:14]

As always you can find the podcast here:

My thanks for your support, be well and be happy!!!


glauber said...

Very nice... lots of phase problems in the beginning, but they go away after the first song.

the professor said...

hmmm should've listened to that first song more closely.. sorry..

Anonymous said...

hey john i know i should probably be emailing you this but i dont have email. anyways im a huge dead head though i have never had the chance to catch them, ive been listening to your podcasts all the way from richmond VA, i go to the school here: virginia commenwealth university, where right down the street from the dorms is the mosque theatre(it is now called the landmark) but when i first started to listen to the dead i went online and got my first show, not knowing anything about years, certain shows etc etc. so i looked up for a show i could relate to, i found 5/25/77 and havn't looked back since. to me it is still my favorite and most insperational show i can listen to by the dead, and though it is very underated by tapers i was excited you have played not only the 1st set, but a good portion of the 2nd, thank you so much and keep it up!

ps, how about finishing the rest of the show???