Friday, March 16, 2007

Help me design a deadpod bumper sticker!

Friends, over time I've had different people ask if I had a bumpersticker or t-shirt to promote the deadpod... I think it might be time to try and make one! but I need your help.. I'm asking you to contribute your ideas/drawings/designs for a deadpod bumpersticker/logo to be used to promote the show..

Please email me your ideas/drawings/suggestions.. I'll be happy to send a copy of the new GD Cow Palace CD to whoever suggests the winning design..

In the "open source" spirit of the music and the deadpod, your submissions will not be copywritten, nor will I do so (you might check out the creative commons for an example of a less restrictive license that allows me to use your work on our bumperstickers)..

I know there are some very creative folks who listen to the show, and I hope that some of you might be moved to help me create a wonderful new bumpersticker or other promotional materials for the show..

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks SO much for your support!

-the professor


Shoe-shine boy said...

How about two. One bumper sticker sized. And the other skinny enough to go on a bicycle tube?

Jim Groves said...

How about a sqaure, Ipod looking (but not too close, don't want to get you sued!) sticker with a big SYF in the screen. The wheel (no pun) under the screen instead of saying "Menu, >>, << and >" could say as follows:


KOPN 89.5


Thanks for all you do, LOVE the podcast.


Jim Groves said...

That did not come out right. Try it this way:

DEAD Show (replacing menu)

KOPN (replacing <<)

89.5 (replacing >>)

PodCast (replacing >)

finnadat said...

anybody have a decent steal your face in vector - I have a good idea, but going from web images to vector sucks

Devin said...

I love the DeaDpod... Every set on there = best ever. It is only a matter of time before my squad composes a DeadPod bumper sticker, we will have it to you as soon as possible, can you give me an address to send it to?

the professor said...

John Henrikson
KOPN 89.5 FM
915 E. Broadway
Columbia MO 65201

thanks! and for the kind words!!
john H.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the work on the Podcast. I'm headed off to Nepal on a climbing trip for the spring and have loaded up on shows for the journey! Peace my friend.


Zooomabooma said...

I think ya gotta STAY AWAY from using an ipod image.


The Deadheads that I knew and loved, still do some of them, were very much anti-mainstream society. a.k.a. hippies into a counter-culture style of living. Many, like me, are still trying to hold onto that in whatever ways we can.

iPod (apple) is like mcdonald's and sprawlmart and starbucks, it's corporate greed at it's ugliest. Walk into a room and 10 people have an mp3 player -- how many are ipods? 9 of them probably.

if you're gonna make a design that involves an mp3 player, have the design based on a dozen different kinds of mp3 players but NOTHING that specifically looks like an ipod. (crap, that word alone just bugs the hell out of me!!)

Anonymous said...

OK, so call me a loser if you want, zooma..., but probably 9 out of 10 of the listeners of the podcast are listening to it on an iPod. And somebody has to have the disposable income enough to help the Prof. fund the DeadPod... The medium doesn't make it bad, in and of itself... Steve Jobs, et al, ain't Bill Gates, if you get my meaning. Not trying to dis ya, but to loosen it up a little.

That said, I think Jim Groves has a good idea--SYF is my favorite image, and I've been listening to the 3/16 podcast OVER AND OVER again just to hear Jerry sing that line and hear everybody yell. Warm feelings, and I hope Jerry, Brent, Pigpen and the others look over at each other from behind the mics up in heaven and smile those Cheshire Cat smiles when they hear it.

Anything with that on it is immediately iconic for the Dead--and the public--and adding anything else you like so people know what it is. Something about the same size of the freebie iPod stickers would be great, too...not too big for my small car (still gotta see out the windows).

Thanks John, for a great podcast, and the history--I only got to go to a few shows in VA and AL before JG passed, and I feel much more connected because of your work. My 3-year old will be listening to Dead shows because of you.

Anonymous said...

How about digging up and playing the Hampton, VA 10/8/89 2nd set, where they brought back "Dark Star"?

Aaron said...

More '78!

LOVE the Deadpod, but would like to hear more 78 shows. My opinion: best year for the boys, especially 2/5/78.

Anna said...

actually, the header for this page would be great - i love the colors and vibe is right ... plus there's no ipod image for those against it. And, station information is right there for anyone inspired to check the deadpod out while driving by.

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Anna and was thinking the same thing. The header for the blog would make a sweet BumperSticker. Might not all fit on the bike tube size as per sunshineboys idea/request but would be very cool in a traditional bumper sticker size.

indie911 said...


Thanks for the quick reply, John- much appreciated.

I’ve been meaning to integrate a dead oriented initiative on indie911 for a long time – we are very involved in the new music business and have a long list of projects related to our widget that plays and sells music known as the “hoooka” ( (We also have an artist services platform ( )and have developed a catalog of new music that is available for podcasting without any copyright issues.

The first thing we could do is simply feature you podcast as a “hoooka of the day” which we send out every single day spotlighting new artists. In your case, we’d be spotlighting you and the deadpod podcast. We’d probably create a page for you and then upload a few shows on the hoooka. The hoooka can tie into the RSS itself and be autoupdated, or we could manually put in a few shows and then place some prominent links on your indie911/hoooka page for people to sign up to receive the podcast.

I just am a real fan of what you’ve put together, and would love to share it. We have a good platform for that, so we could start there and just keep in touch and see how things develop. We also have a podcast on itunes, mostly it’s been an introduction to new artists, but we’ve slowed production a bit lately to focus on other things on the site.

All the best,

Justin Goldberg
indie911 networks |( 310.943.7164 or 800-497 5329 | M 310.254.0174 | F 310.919.3091 *
8949 Sunset Blvd, Suite 201, West Hollywood, California 90069 USA

Anonymous said...

Hey John,
Just want to express my thanks for all that you
do for spreading the amazingness that is the dead.

Just listened to your latest podcast for 1/21/11 and would like to say please don't stop! I've listened to a load of dead and that standing on the moon made me pretty emotional (and I'm stone cold sober).

May you be blessed and your blessings keep coming!

An American in RI