Friday, March 30, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 03/30/07

Here's a really high-energy east coast show from the end of 1979.. This week we'll listen to the entire first set plus the fabulous disco-version of the second set opener, Dancin' In The Streets and a completely out there Franklin's Tower. This show is a great example of the early Brent influence on the band and I'm sure you'll enjoy it..

(note: I inadvertently mis-ordered the songs in the first version of this that I uploaded today - my appologies, they are now correct)...

Grateful Dead
Buffalo Auditorium Buffalo, NY 11/9/79 - Friday
One Alabama Getaway [6:18] > The Promised Land [4:11] ; They Love Each Other [7:14] ; Cassidy [4:48] ; Loser [8:17] ; Lazy Lightnin' [3:38] > Supplication [5:07] ; Althea [9:19] ; Easy To Love You [3:32] ; Jack Straw [6:06]
Two Dancing In The Street [13:06] > Franklin's Tower [11:42]

As always you can listen to the deadpod here:

Have a great April and thanks for your support!!


downey said...

professor! great first set, great energy...loving your choices always, but the last few weeks...exquisite!


Sassy Sonya - Science Adventurer said...

Hey Professor,
Your podcast is great. I love listening to it while I work. One thing though... Since I listen to it from your site, I'd love to be able to be able to see the set list as I'm streaming the audio. Right now I can't do that. Have you ever heard of the Wordpress Player? It allows you to track the number of people who download and stream each show and it will allow people to stay on your main page. Just wanted to let you know...
Your fan,
Sassy Sonya - Science Adventurer
Sassy Science podcasts

the professor said...

Hi Sassy! love your comments and your podcast! However to use that player I'd have to publish in Wordpress, which I currently don't use. I'll look into it, but I'm not sure I can use that here on blogger..
thanks for the pointer however!
the professor