Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 06/29/07

This week we get to listen to the remainder of the incredible 2nd set from Red Rocks on 7/8/78.. This set is highlighted by a incendiary Estimated Prophet, a near-perfect Wharf Rat and in an very rare triple-encore, perhaps the best version ever of Warren Zevon's Warewolves of London.. I'm certain you'll enjoy this one and I hope it starts off your 4th of July celebrations on just the right note!

Grateful Dead Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, CO
7/8/78 - Saturday
Set 2 (cont): Estimated Prophet [12:58] > The Other One [8:48] > Eyes Of The World [10:47] > Drums [11:21] > Space [3:57] > Wharf Rat [8:25] > Franklin's Tower [10:21] > Sugar Magnolia[8:46]
Encore Terrapin Station [10:14] > One More Saturday Night [4:29] ; Werewolves Of London [6:08]

As always you can listen to the Deadpod here:

Thanks as always for your support! Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!!


david said...

thanks professor...have a great fourth...

Anonymous said...

A classic show, to be sure, but it seems like a long time since we had some early-Seventies Godchaux material. How about hearing that 11/15/71? It's got a very unique, intense Dark Star and a wonderful NFA sequence featuring a China Cat Jam. I'd just love to hear this one in the next few weeks.

Thanks, Professor, for all you do; your picks are unfailingly sharp.

Anonymous said...

Werewolves of London cover... Can't wait to get on a highband widthconnection to download this show.

Keep em coming. This show has made a dead head out of me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Prof:

Great Set and I loved Jerry on Werewolves. Good backup by Donna. The music was tight and lively. I Werewolves I have ever heard. Keep them coming.

The Music never stops

Jim said...

Funny how they skipped the last verse of wharf rat. When I'm playing it on guitar I often do the same thing. The first half of the song through the bridge is so powerful and then it just kinda looses steam. Love the Terrapin encore...dang. Wish they could have pulled that out a little later in the bands life.

Anonymous said...

so, this is awesome...
I think I may have found nirvana. But I can't get the shows saved and into Itunes to then play on my ipod. When I try and copy the Qtime file while it's in my temp folder the playback is all digital dropped out skippy. Very not okay and unlisten to-able. Can you, or someone, help?