Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 07/13/07

This week I decided to bring you an excellent show from a very high energy summer tour, that of 1985.. Imaginative setlists made up for what often seemed a frantic pace during this summer tour, and some of the music was very well played, as is evident I think in this week's show..
By the way I'll be away next week, so I'm posting *two* podcasts this week.. be sure and pick them both up!

Grateful Dead Hershey Park Stadium Hershey, PA
Date 6/28/85 - Friday
One Cold Rain And Snow > The Promised Land ; Ramble On Rose ; Down In The Bottom > I Ain't Superstitious ; Bird Song > Comes A Time > Deal
Two The Music Never Stopped ; Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

You can listen to the deadpod here:

Thanks and enjoy the show!


Anonymous said...

Once again, the Professor thinks of us, the listeners, even when planning a vacation! Thnaks for posting two this week, Prof, and as always, thanks for keepin the music flowing...

Anonymous said...

While the show is somewhat plagued by vocal and lyrical challenges, I found it to be generally well-played, and also noteworthy because it's the first time I've heard Down In The Bottom > I Ain't Superstitious (quite reminiscent of Minglewood!); and Tom Thumb's Blues is also a rather rare listen.