Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dead Show/podcast for 07/27/07

I'm back from vacation and have a truly stellar set to bring you this week.. this one is from my favorite year, 1973, and its a really very high energy first set that I'm sure you're going to enjoy...

Grateful Dead Springfield Civic Center Arena Springfield, MA
3/28/73 - Wednesday
One Cumberland Blues [#1:28] ; [0:09] % Here Comes Sunshine [8:39] ; [0:09] % Mexicali Blues [3:18] ; [0:07] % Wave That Flag [5:29] ; [0:57] % Beat It On Down The Line [3:19] ; [0:18] % Loser [7:10] % Jack Straw [4:49] % Box Of Rain [4:54] ; [0:20] % They Love Each Other [5:35] ; [0:42] % El Paso [4:31] ; [0:07] % Row Jimmy [8:24] % Around And Around [4:51] ; [0:08] % Brown Eyed Women [2:59] ; [0:07] % You Ain't Woman Enough [2:59] ; [0:06] % Looks Like Rain [7:27] % China Cat Sunflower [7:12] > Jam [1:40] > I Know You Rider [3:38#]

I previous played the Dark Star from this show back in 5/06... but I think this first set really deserves a listen!

As always you can hear the Deadpod here:

Thanks for your support and have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Wow. '72 through early '73 were really incredible in that the first sets were often every bit as mind-blowing as the second sets. I certainly think that's the case here. What a pick.

Mathew said...

Re-posting a question from last week--is it possible to download older podcasts (pre-March 2006)? If so, how do you do it? Thanks.

the professor said...

Yes, if the podcasts have the address in the URL they are accessible - BUT they are housed on my personal pc and that is limited to 2 simulateous connections at a time. Be patient, the upload speed is S-L-O-W.

Derek from Bloomington said...

I had lost the Dead for many years, but your podcast has rekindled the fire once again. I especially love this post. Thanks for your efforts. They are appreciated.

Christian said...

I don't think this set list is right. It starts with a DS and is the same as listed from a few weeks b4.

the professor said...

I'm listening to it again now (10/31/07) and I'm hearing Cumberland as the first song..
You might want to try picking this up again..
the professor

Christian said...

Ok...thanks my mistake

I'm listening to 7/20/07, which has the same stated play list as 7/27/07. The 7/20/07 is from Portland (I think) not Springfield and starts with a great DS. Maybe my i-pod is messed up. Wd not be the first time. Hope you are feeling better after your hospital stay.