Friday, February 01, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 02/01/08

This week we have a new release of a classic Dead show, this one from the start of the summer of 1973. This week we'll listen to the first set, which as you can see from the setlist below contains plenty of surprises for a first set! Besides the very unusual opening Morning Dew, it contains the last version of 'Wave that Flag' before this song morphs into US Blues. I think you'll agree that Garcia is in fine voice on this show and I'm confident you'll enjoy yourself as you listen!

Grateful Dead RFK Stadium Washington, DC 6/10/73 - Sunday
One Morning Dew [11:10] ; Beat It On Down The Line [3:11] ; Ramble On Rose [6:24] ; Jack Straw [3:43] ; Wave That Flag [5:37] ; Looks Like Rain [7:29] ; Box Of Rain [4:58] ; They Love Each Other [4:37] ; The Race Is On [2:56] ; Row Jimmy [9:07] ; El Paso [4:22] ; Bird Song [11:58] ; Playing In The Band [17:04]

As always you can listen to the Deadpod here:


Anonymous said...

Dear Professor,

is the linked file okay? I'm wondering, because it's only 4 MB - and should be longer what with all the goodies in it...

Cheers, Kai.

the professor said...

that's wierd.. when I ftp to the account it shows the correct size.. just to be safe I've deleted it and am re-uploading it.. hopefully this will solve any problems.. thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Professor - The electrons are being tricky this morning. Your re-uploading didn't solve the problem yet. Thanks for bringing us more 73!!

lethedoom said...

Hi Professor,

I downloaded the link at 7:05am PDT and also got just a 4mb file. It consists of about a one minute intro by you and the beginning of Morning Dew. I hope this information will help you to get the whole "Dead Show/podcast for 02/01/08"onto the server. Thanks again for the wonderful music you post every week. Be well and adieu the flu.

Chicago Steve said...

Right now the file is only 4 minutes long. Thanks for reloading -- and bringing us more great '73!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh! The Prof must be in class. I was counting on that Deadpod for my morning TPS reports.

lethedoom said...

thanks professor. 8:50am PST and the problem is resolved. the file is now 89.81 mb of great music.

Alex said...

Arguably my favorite year... damn... any chance of getting both sets two and three in the week or weeks to come? '72-'74 is incomparable.

the professor said...

I plan to play the entire show.
Secondly, my appologies for the early, aborted upload and whatever wierdness that caused your friday..

finally - thanks for listening and for your support!!
-the professor

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for all the good tunes over the years. You make my Fridays that much better. Keep it up my friend.


Anonymous said...

Professor - I believe we all need to study '73 more. Thank you for helping us week in & week out. These shows bring back great memories and a little sunshine to every Friday. Thank you!

thibbye said...

Same problem, a truncated file. But I deleted and reloaded off of iTunes and everything is fine as frog's hair now. Thanks for the tunes. I'm new to podcasts and this is a real revelation.

John said...

Great stuff! Thanks for the set! I always look forward to your Saturday morning posts. Sure is a Grate way to start the day.

Mike said...

this is a great show. i have the entire show from a friend. it rocks.

George said...

The Jersey City show in 1972 (Dick's Picks) also opened with Morning Dew

Arthur said...

Dear Professor (Hey)

Every week when I down load and sync your podcasts to my IPOD , I end up loosing previous saved shows. Sure that its something I'm doing wrong but is there anyway I can download older podcasts prior to 11/30/07??

Many Thanks


mattanderin said...

Man oh man, you hit a good one. My copy sounds pretty weak. I Can't wait to hear the 2nd set. I can barely hear the ABB on my copy. Thanks for all the great music.


yodicken said...

Professor (or any reader)
Can I get some quick advice? Sorry it's not directly related to this show.
My son's Bar Mitzvah is coming up and I want to play "so many roads" during part of the slide montage.

Any recommendations for what show to use?

I'm a big fan of the podcast, by the way, so I trust your judgment.


the professor said...

Personally I don't think you could do better than the version that David Gans put together for the compilation of the same name - he used parts of a couple versions to avoid any lyrical miscues - which were so often present during the last couple of years..

Congrats and good luck!
the professor

jelsey4 said...

Dear Professor:
I can't wait for your post every Friday! What do you use the donations for? I really liked the JGB song you played during the Donna interview. Is there more of that show coming up?

I have turned on a number of people to your podcast! Both young and old!

Keep it coming!

the professor said...

Jelsey -
donations help to pay for the costs of hosting the podcasts, and to support my community radio station, KOPN 89.5 FM here in Columbia MO .

Glad you enjoyed the Jerry Band.. I can't say when more of that or that show is coming, but its never too long between fixes... :)

the professor

Ashley said...

Hi Professor,

Hope you feel well after your surgery! Thanks for making this show great!

Peace and Love,

Ashley said...

Hi Professor!

I hope you are in good health! Take care of you and thanks for all the lovely tunes.

Peace and Love,

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous set. Impossible to give every notable aspect its due, but I thought it'd be fun to mention that, when Phil thanks the crowd after his very good rendition of Box Of Rain, his voice sounds so identical to the voice I heard a couple months ago at Furthur; in October 2013, just over 40 years later. There is just an unmistakable quality that simply is Phil. Again, great set: Morning Dew kicked things off in proper fashion, hearing the final Wave That Flag was fun, I love a good LLR (which this was) with Bob and Donna dueting, the faster version of TLEO was cool, Bird Song was gorgeous, and Playin' was just good stuff. Thanks, Professor, for keeping the archives alive and well tended!