Friday, February 15, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 02/15/08

Hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! This week we'll finish listening to the conclusion of the fabulous show from 6/10/73, Washington D.C.

The highlight of this week's show of course is the entire, unusual third set, featuring members of the Allman Brothers Band and Merle Saunders. This includes a smoking That's All Right, Mama and some huge guitar licks from Dicky Betts on Not Fade Away.

Grateful Dead
RFK Stadium Washington, DC 6/10/73 - Sunday

Wharf Rat [8:21] > Truckin' [7:01] ; Sugar Magnolia [9:18]
Three [49:20] ; It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry [7:22] ; That's All Right, Mama [13:45] ; The Promised Land [4:07] ; Not Fade Away [11:08] > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [11:11] > Drums [6:22] > Not Fade Away [3:40] ; Johnny B. Goode [2:35]

As always you can listen to the Deadpod here:

I want to thank all of you who contributed to the Deadpod's pledge drive last week. I really appreciate your support!
You can still contribute if you'd like - just click on the 'Contribute Now' button on the right side of the main blog page. I still have some premiums available - there are these *wonderful* live Ratdog shows:
Aragon Ballroom Chicago IL 7/19/07
Casino Ballroom Hampton Beach NH 10/27/07
North Fork Theatre Westbury NY 10/31/07
House of Blues Myrtle Beach SC 11/10/07
Florida Theater Jacksonville FL 11/14/07

I also have several copies of the new Donna Jean and the Tricksters cd.. Honestly I don't know if I'll have any of the new GD Road Trips V.2 cd - I'm waiting to receive these from Rhino....


Hope you enjoy the show!


Anonymous said...

Outstanding work with the Deadpod, and the RFK show is excellent. I'm curious about this version, which you earlier mentioned was a new release. I've been comparing it to my snbd from - it's very similar but maybe yours is a little cleaner? What's your take? Do you think this will this be posted to archive?
Thanks again,
MA from Dallas

the professor said...

This is a new Charlie Miller version (a great source for the best possible GD sources these days!!) - perhaps a bit cleaner.. Charlie said that it cleaned up some clicks and speed issues - and patched some missing segments.. I'm sure it will go up on the archive at some point.
thanks for the kind words.

Smullin said...

Have you podcast a show from maybe 1968, I want to say Fillmore West, with Tom Constanten? Very fast tempo set, really nice organ work from Constanten. Thanks for all! K of Sacramento

Alex said...

Not to clash with the previous comment (some '68 would really be something!), but it feels like a long time since we've had any mid-80s Dead--I'm thinking '86 or '87. Any chance of hearing some in the coming weeks?

Thanks for all you do. This RFK show really is one of a kind.

Rich said...

I am astounded. My friends and I slept right outside of RFK that Friday night and saw the Sat. show right down front. It was up there with the best musical experiences I ever had. I had to go back up to New Jersey that evening and one of my friends kept saying we must be temporarily insane not to stay for the Sunday show. I did not have a choice however and neither did one of my other friends. We always regretted not being able to stay. Now, I get to listen to what we missed nearly 35 years later. Frankly, I think I can appreciate it better now. In fact, I hear subtleties now I never knew existed back in those crazy days. Thanks so much for helping to complete some of my "lost" experiences.

Anonymous said...

What a treat to experience this very long, very well played show which occurred in the year of my birth at the stadium where, 16 years later, I would attend my very first Dead show. It's trip to think that, mere miles away, I was in the latter stages of gestation in my mother's belly.

I never experienced a three-setter...when those would materialize, would the heads of those in attendance just explode? =)