Friday, June 06, 2008

Dead Show podcast for 6/6/08

Somehow the month of May slipped by without my having posted something from that unbelievable month in GD history. I'm going to make up for that this week and next with this fat show from the GD archives. This show is somewhat overlooked all in all, with all the attention paid to some of the more famous shows during this month - but its well worth a listen..

Grateful Dead The Palladium New York, NY 5/4/77 - Wednesday
One Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo [10:29] > Big River [6:37] ; They Love Each Other [6:46] ; New Minglewood Blues [4:44] ; It Must Have Been The Roses [6:43] ; Cassidy [4:39] ; Deal [6:18] ;

Please note - I had meant to include the entire first set this week but I made a mistake and didn't.. sorry! I'll include the missing songs in next week's Deadpod.

I do hope you enjoy this week's selection - I'll bring you the second set next week.

As always you can listen to the Deadpod here:

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Anonymous said...

Professor: May & 77 are an unbeatable combination. Just consider that w/in a week of today's podcast we also have 5/7 - Boston; 5/8 - Barton Hall; and 5/9 - Buffalo ... not to mention the rest of the month! THANK YOU!!!

David said...

This is fantastic! The choices just keep getting better and better here!

Alan said...

May 1977 was a great year for me also. I went to all the NY city shows.

Just curious, you said this was the entire set but it ends with The Deal?

Anonymous said...

The "Dancing In The Streets" that closes the first set of this show is perhaps the single greatest version of this tune that the Dead ever played !

Chris Boone said...

The end of the Mississippi Half Step is gorgeous. Reminiscent of that Dead / Allmans overlap from earlier in the 70s.

And then the transition into Big River - superb.

Thanks, as always, Professor.

glauber said...

Beautiful! Looking forward to Dancing in the Streets next week!

James said...

Hi Professor,

& All the other listeners

Two items:

1. Unfortunately I've found the Professors good works relatively recently, so I'm missing all of the Podcasts from prior to October, 2007. Is there anywhere to download them?

Actually, I've answered my own question, by finding that you can open Windows Media Player, enter the URL and then do a Save As.

You can also get free MP3's from David Grisman's website:

(Please support them by purchasing as well.)

2. I'm not sure if you've already broadcast this show, but I'll always remember my first show which took place at Lafayette College on May 7, 1979.

Upon later listening, it's still a fairly hot show.

However, my memories may be colored by the fact I attended the show.

Perhaps you could post a thread on the Blog for various readers to comment upon what their very first show was, and if they feel it was exceptional, you might try to find a recording of it.

Overall, a fantastic job Perfessor!

Anonymous said...

brilliant, just a great show overall. The Mississippi 1/2 step mix is a bit convoluted for a couple of minutes, but the part where you hear the audience clapping over the band is really a cool effect - makes you feel like you are standing right in the room. Agreed with the earlier comment on 'Dancing in the Streets' - this is the best version of this song I have ever heard.