Friday, July 25, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 7/25/08

This week I'm bringing you a show that really showcases, I think, what Brent Mydland brought to the band - in honor of the 18th anniversary of his last show with the Grateful Dead which occurred this week. This show, 9/2/79, is one of those Fall '79 shows where Brent really was out front and his playing was so spirited that I'm sure he inspired everyone else.. This week the first set, next week the conclusion.. I hope you enjoy it!!

Grateful Dead Augusta Civic Center Augusta, ME 9/2/79 - Sunday
One Jack Straw [6:23] ; They Love Each Other [7:44] ; Mama Tried [2:44] > Mexicali Blues [4:39] ; Stagger Lee [6:29] ; Cassidy [5:32] ; Row Jimmy [9:11#] ; New Minglewood Blues [6:17] ; Jack-A-Roe [5:04] ; The Music Never Stopped [8:04]

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Thanks for listening!!


thibbye said...

Professor, a modest request. In your introductory remarks (verbal) for each show, could you give a brief set list for that week's offering? When I'm at my computer I can always pull up the Show Description in iTunes to see what's what. But when I'm listening on my iPod I don't have that little cheat sheet to see if it's a show I want to hear at that moment. Thanks for the tunes. It makes Friday mornings really great.

Anonymous said...

IPOD set description should be available by pushing the center dial a few times. At least mine provides the show information, maybe your's is a different brand - Granny Smith perhaps?

Its fine as is.

Thanks Prof.

Anonymous said...

Wata good show. I luv those early bret shows as he seems to realy focus the primal dead. like a just ripe peach. Great Bertha!

thibbye said...

Hey, that pushing the middle button thing works! Whodathunkit? Thank you. JB

Anonymous said...

Great sound, although the boys were more than a little lyrically challenged this night.