Friday, October 31, 2008

Dead Show/podcast for 10/31/08

The wheel keeps turning and it can't slow down....
I thought it appropriate to play something to start this week's Deadpod in memory of a lovely man and wonderful musician, Merl Saunders..

I think you'll enjoy the rest of the show from the Centrum - a great Terrapin and the always nice Dear Mr. Fantasy->Hey Jude are highlights for me..

Have a WONDERFUL Halloween

Merl Saunders & Jerry Garcia - 'That's the Touch I Like", 3/1/75 Keystone Berkeley CA

Grateful Dead The Centrum Worcester, MA 4/9/88 - Saturday

Looks Like Rain [9:03] ; Terrapin Station [11:11] > Drums [6:43] > Space [7:11] > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [6:01] > I Need A Miracle [3:17] > Dear Mr. Fantasy [3:40] > Hey Jude Reprise [4:04] > Throwing Stones [9:07] > Not Fade Away [8:57]

and of course.. Werewolves of London, 10/31/91 Oakland CA

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Keep your fingers crossed, and please vote this tuesday!!!


Anonymous said...

Love ya Professor - glad your feeling better.
Just a note that it's pronounced "wuss tah" (first syllable rhymes with first syllable in pussy cat)
Thanks for another great Friday night, Bill from Boston

Anonymous said...

wicked awesome show

Anonymous said...

The problem with voting is it means either Obama or McCain will be elected. Ron Paul was the only true agent of change.

Anonymous said...

Awesome show. Thanks for the higher bit rate.

Anonymous said...

Professor – thanks for the shows – I always enjoy them. One of the things that I appreciated about the Grateful Dead was their non-political stance and not being felt I am being preached to when I listen to their music. I am not sure why this changed… This deadhead will be voting on Tuesday, but it won’t be for Obama.

the professor said...

Understand that position, and respect it..
Glad you enjoy the shows.

all the best....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Merle and Jerry tune.

Thought you might enjoy this excerpt about Merle's memorial service, from Willie Brown's column in the SF Chronicle, Nov 2, 2008:

I went to Merl Saunders' memorial Wednesday at the First AME Zion Church. Merl was the epitome of Bay Area music, a real wizard on the keyboard who played with everyone from Johnny Mathis to Jerry Garcia.

In fact, Johnny and I both spoke at the service.

Rockers from the Fillmore, blues guys from the East Bay, lounge players from the Nob Hill hotels. What a crowd.

The minister gets up and before he starts to talk he says, "I have an announcement. The parking people are outside and they are about to tow an illegally parked black Mercedes."

Wham! Before he even got to the plate number, 19 cats were up and headed for the door.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with comment 10:55 AM -- neither Obama or McCain are going to change much. Obama superficially appears to represent change, but Ron Paul is the only person in Washington I've seen who walks the talk. Obama is a "Candyman" but he is at best an ambiguous figure, as in the song. America is too snowed under by corporate controlled media to accept the message of freedom of Paul. I loath to think Deadheads would support Obama, a man who voted for fascist laws such as the Patriot Act and FISA.

Anonymous said...

I saw this show, indeed Woo - ster.